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"How to Make Gandalf the Grey" by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: "How to Make Gandalf the Grey"
Rating: G
Theme: January Potluck
Elements: Non-fiction, August
Author's Notes: This article took me forever to format as it is so image heavy. However, I finally got it up correctly. At one point I even had it posted prematurely before any of my text was in place (my apologies to those of you who saw it and perhaps wondered why it vanished.
I'd hoped to do three things for this potluck. Who knows, maybe I will get the other two in after all.
Summary: A tutorial on how to create a polymer clay sculpture of Gandalf.
Word Count: 2,790

This is a polymer clay figure of Gandalf that I recently built; I thought it would be fun to document the process and make a tutorial for anyone else who would like to give it a try.

Gandalf figure

Introduction and supplies
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Sculpting the figure, part one
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Sculpting the figure, part two
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Sculpting the figure, part three
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Display of special characters at MPTT

The issue the archive was having with the display of special characters has now been solved, and everything should be back to normal. It had been caused by a change by the provider to the software the archive runs on.
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you, and welcome back to unimpeded reading again!
Author: illusionndream (Crazypreacher on AO3 and ff.net)
Title: The Man-Maiden
Rating: PG-13
Theme: Adolescent Angst
Elements: Harmful experimentation
Author's Notes: Honestly? I'm not very well-versed in all the technicalities of the Tolkien universe, so I may have made a mistake or two somewhere in there. I just really, really wanted to write some Gandalf/Galadriel) ALso, English is not my first language, so there's also that. The Quenya names are taken from here - I take it, Quenya doesn't have gender?
Summary: Young Galadriel has had a bad experience and needs some talk therapy. Luckily, Gandalf is there to help her. Gandalf/Galadriel, Galadriel/OFC1, Galadriel/OFC2.
Word Count: 2,022

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Change of Plans by Linaewen

Author: Linaewen
Title: Change of Plans
Rating: G
Theme: Wisdom
Elements: "No one can be caught in places he does not visit."
Author's Notes: Dûrlin is a recurring OC in my stories; he attends the Steward's family and in later years, serves as Boromir's personal attendant.
Summary: Dûrlin offers sage advice to young Boromir and Faramir as they plan an adventure.
Word Count: 642

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When Won with Pain - by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: When Won with Pain
Rating: PG
Theme: Potluck: Yule prompt and Wisdom prompt
Elements: Shirebound asked for a Cormallen fic; A good thing is all the sweeter when won with pain.
Author's Notes: For Gail for her upcoming birthday, and for Shirebound, whose prompt sparked this tale.
Summary: Are all good things won with pain necessarily sweet?
Word Count:1739

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2015 Yule Fic Exchange Stories!


The 2015 LOTR Yule Fic Exchange stories, have been posted, except for one, which will soon be posted. We hope that everyone has had a chance to read and enjoy their stories, and have thanked their author!

"Coming Home" by Ysilme (for Shirebound) After the loss of his beloved Rosie, Sam Gamgee travels West, unsure what might await him. Does Mr. Frodo still live? Will anybody even remember him?
"Song of the Stone" by Dawn Felagund (for Zdenka) Newly arrived at Khazad-dûm in the Second Age, the Elven loremaster Pengolodh presents a portion of his new book to Narvi only to discover that his understanding of the “great profit” that existed between the Dwarves of Belegost and the people of Caranthir in the First Age is not quite what he assumed.
Despair and Defiance, by Zdenka for Enochia Celebrimbor comes to Galadriel with word of Annatar’s betrayal, and offers her a gift.
A New Start by Scribe_of_Mirrormere for mahmfic A moment between the dwarf family after an orc attack.
New Year's Night, by Elleth for Scribe of Mirrormere On the plains of Northern Rhûn in the early Years of the Sun, a young woman of the Kinn-lai goes on a perilous journey to rescue her missing sister.
The Second Gamble by Keiliss for The Wavesinger Fate, Ulmo's goodwill, and a family history of stubborn determination bring Idril to a reunion she had never thought possible.
Power to Protect by Linaewen for TallulahRed Finduilas and Denethor explain a Mettarë custom to young Faramir.
The Frozen Lake by burning_night for aliensouldream A hobbit, lost alone in the woods, comes upon a stranger.
A Gift for his Brother - for Linaewen - by Larner What does one give to one's beloved brother when Father has decided to sort of steal one's gift idea?
Love and Comfort by Silver Trails, for Indy1776 A storm is coming, and Maglor agrees to stay in Imladris.
"Víressë" by Dawn Felagund (for Keiliss) As Sauron's reach lengthens, Winter lingers overlong in Gondor. In the midst of cold, despair, and the slow march to war, Boromir kindles a forbidden love affair with an unknown errand-rider that creates intrigue and betrayal.
Tidings of Comfort and Joy for Kaylee Lupin by Amy Fortuna Olórin hears about Yule for the first time from Eärendil and gives him a gift which changes both their lives.
"An Unexpected Welcome" for mangacrack by Independence1776 They stared at their father and then at Maglor. Arwen eventually said, “Welcome to Imladris.”
The Mystery of the Missing Cake by The Wavesinger for Elleth The Midwinter cake is missing, and Idril, Aredhel, and Meleth go on a quest to find it.
"No one is to stay" for silver_trails by mangacrack A battlefield is usually not the right place for a deep and meaningful conversation.
Deep Waters for Starbrow by Talullah Red Elrond catches a very big fish… and says a very big word.
"How Does Your Garden Grow" for Dreamflower by Shirebound How did the Gamgees come to live in Number 3, Bagshot Row?
How Yule Came to Gondor for burning_night by Dreamflower When Sir Meriadoc Brandybuck and Sir Peregrin Took took their retirement in the King's City, they shook things up a bit.
A Great Smials Yuletide by Kaylee Arafinwiel (for Larner). Gandalf finds himself spending Yule in the Great Smials as Gerontius's guest, and is ambushed by a number of the Old Took's grandchildren demanding stories and other entertainment.

I hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!

January 2016 Potluck Challenge

Welcome to the 2016 January Potluck Challenge. For those of you who are new to this challenge, it's where we (1) give you a chance to finish up and post any challenges you did not finish during 2015, or (2) give you a chance at some of the prompts that did not get used during the past year or (3) both.

This year we are trying something new. Instead of striking out the prompts as people use them, simply choose your prompt and claim it, but we will leave it for others to claim as well. In addition, you are not limited to just one prompt. You may claim as many as you like; we do ask that you put each claim in a separate comment, as it will help us keep track of things better. If you want to, you may claim a prompt, finish it and then claim another. You may also comment to say if you are finishing up a story from previous challenges.

In addition, we are adding the Yule Fic Exchange prompts this year to give you even more to choose from!

Your stories will be due in the moderator's queue by Friday, January 22, and will be unlocked on Monday, January 25. Please tag your story "month: 2016 January" and "challenge: potluck" Please remember to use the following header template (also found on the community profile page), and to put the name of your story and your name in the subject line.

To claim your prompts, please leave a comment to this post. If you have any questions, please comment here or e-mail the mods at manypaths@lotrgfic.com.

Prompts are behind the cut:
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I will make a formal announcement with links this weekend, but the stories for the 2015 Yule Fic Exchange for the lotr_community are now ALL up and posted!

Author name: Dreamflower
Recipient's name: burning_night
Title: How Yule Came to Gondor
Rating: G
Request: Something about Christmas or Yule celebrations in either the Shire, Gondor, or Rohan.
Author's notes: Menelcar is one of my OCs and has appeared in several of my stories, most notably “The Life of a Bard” and “Chance Encounter”. He traveled in the Shire several years prior to the Quest and met Pippin as a tween; his great-nephew Culas has made but one appearance as a child, in my story “Thain Peregrin's Very Large Birthday Gift”.
Aragorn and Arwen's and Faramir and Éowyn's non-canonical children mentioned in this story have made previous appearances in some of the stories of my “Eucatastrophe AU”. This particular story, however, is mostly canon-compliant and does not take place in that AU.
More notes at the end of the story.
Summary: When Sir Meriadoc Brandybuck and Sir Peregrin Took took their retirement in the King's City, they shook things up a bit.

How Yule Came to Gondor

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"How Does Your Garden Grow" by Shirebound

Recipient's name: dreamflower02
Title: How Does Your Garden Grow
Rating: G
Request: “I'd love a fic about a Yule with Bilbo, maybe his first one after he returns from his Adventure, or a year or two later. Book-verse, please.”
Characters: Bilbo, Hamfast Gamgee, Holman Greenhand
Author's notes: It’s left ambiguous in canon, but for purposes of this story, Bilbo owned the land that includes Bagshot Row.
Summary: How did the Gamgees come to live in Number 3, Bagshot Row?

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