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September 2015 Challenge: The Great Feast

The September Challenge will have the theme "The Great Feast". Stories will be a Recipe!fic and should include preparing for or attending a feast for a special occasion and also include a recipe for one of the dishes mentioned in the story. Prompts for the challenge will be a non-food word related to parties and celebrations.

The September challenge stories will be due the weekend beginning Friday, September 18, and will be revealed on Monday, September 21. Please tag your story "challenge: the great feast" and "month: 2015 september". Please remember to use the following header template (also found on the community profile page), and to put the name of your story and your name in the subject line.

To request your elements, please leave a comment to this post. If you have not participated before, please leave an email address so that I can send you your elements. Or you can email the mods at manypaths@lotrgfic.com.

I hope we'll have lots of participants for our May challenge!
4th T and F awards banner

The polls for the Many Paths to Tread 2015 Tree and Flower Awards are now open.

Below the cut are all of the eligible nominations. There were still a few duplicates and previous winner nominations that had to be cut, and also we had to change some of the nominations into a different category.

There was only one nominations in Characterization: Theoden. "Dogs of the Golden Hall" by nautika was moved from the Characterization category to Genre: Alternative Universe.

There were several changes to the various Art subcategories. Some of the pieces were not in the sub-category for which they were nominated; moving those meant that other sub-categories had to also move to keep others viable. So here is how they were shifted: "Polymer Clay Projects" by Dreamflower was moved to the Traditional sub-category; "Probably Ritual" by Rhymer and "The Elder Oak" were moved to Special Categories: Favorite Illustration of a Story; and the subcategories of Digital and Photomanip were combined into Art: Digital or Photomanip. This left only two in the Mixed Media subcategory, and since neither of those were traditional they also were moved into the Digital or Photomanip category. This was not ideal, but it was the best way we could think of to shuffle them around. So if you were the nominator of any of these, that is why you will not find them where they were originally placed. It did end up with a person having two nominations in the same sub-category, however that was a mod decision and not their fault.

The nomination list is posted here with the links to the stories. If you want to read a story before voting, you may use these links. The poll did not allow for us to incorporate links into the ballots.

Many Paths to Tread 2015 Tree and Flower Award Nominations

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Here are the links to the ballots:

Voting Poll, Part 1: Includes Races, Types of Work, Sources, Special Categories, and Genres

Voting Poll, Part 2: Characterizations

Voting is open until September 28!

Eowyn & Aerin, by Himring

Author: Himring
Title: Eowyn & Aerin
Rating: PG13 (reference to canonical suicides)
Theme: Lord of the Rings, Children of Hurin, female characters
Subject: Can the story of Aerin from the Children of Hurin throw any light on Eowyn's words to Aragorn?
Type: Essay
Author's Notes: An idea I've carried around since writing a bio of Aerin for the SWG Archive, but now written in great haste, so excuse all the deficiencies.
Word Count: c.1350 words

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Author: Talullah Red
Title: Transformative Before Transformative: Creativity in Tolkien and Led Zeppelin
Rating: G
Theme: Nonfiction
Subject: Parallels between Tolkien’s brand of creativity and Led Zeppelin’s
Type: Essay
Author's Notes: I do not indicate sources or pretend that this is more than something that just fell out of my head – despite the grandiose title it’s not a proper research article in any way.
Word Count: 1155 words

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Hi everybody,

the voting for the Tree & Flower Awards is well under way, and it's time again to make visual goodies for the authors! Like in the previous years we want to offer general as well as nominee icons and banners for this year's awards, and need banners for the winners of each category.

At this moment we're looking for volunteers who are willing to create these visual goodies.

If you have some skill with a digital paintbrush (or a real one!) and would like to help us make banners and icons, do let us know. We could really use some help. Before you sign up, we will give an indication of what we’re looking for.

The Many Paths To Tread
2015 Tree and Flower Awards

* Nomination Banners & Icons

We need a range of sizes and designs of banners for participants who want to add this to their story to show that they have been nominated. Email any banners you make to us at websmith AT lotrgfic DOT com, and we will post them to the community for others to use. You will be credited for your work, of course. Please follow the guidelines below.

Banners/icons must have "Many Paths To Tread Tree and Flower Awards 2015 Nominee," "MPTT Tree and Flower Award 2015 Nominee," somewhere on them. We're not picky and just happy with all that will be created. :)

Any size banner is acceptable. Icons should be 100px by 100px or smaller.

* Category Winner banners/Icons

We hope to find enough volunteers who are interested to make banners for the many categories the awards will have. Like last year we ask of the banner artist to sign up for a category for which they can make a banner for. Once you've created one, you sign up for a different one etc.

If you want to be involved, do send an e-mail to manypaths AT lotrgfic DOT.com and we will be in touch. Signing up for more information does not obligate you to actually make any artwork if you for whatever reason cannot make banners. But if you'd like to know more, please let us know!

Any size banner is acceptable. Icons should be 100px by 100px or smaller.

Important announcement!!!

You must have permission to use any artwork or photography that you use on the banner/icon. This means that any artwork or photography used must satisfy at least one of the conditions below:

    * The artwork/photography is your own work, or you own the rights to the work.

    * The artwork/photography is in the public domain.

    * You have written permission from the artist/photographer to use her or his work, including making modifications, such as cropping or adding text.

    * The artwork/photography is clearly labelled with permission to use the work for non-profit uses, including making modifications, such as cropping or adding text.

    * Screen captures from the movies are acceptable.

Any artwork or photography used must be suitable for all audiences, i.e., it should not include nudity, blood/gore, or anything more than mild sexuality (hugging, kissing, etc.).

Files should be saved in .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF file formats. Please use the Save for Web feature (or its equivalent for your software), if available, to keep file sizes manageable.

Thanks :)
Author: Dreamflower
Title: Why I Believe The Last Goodbye is the Perfect Last Song
Rating: G
Theme: Non-fiction
Subject: The Last Goodbye
Type: essay
Summary:An analysis of why the song works so well as a finale to Peter Jackson's series of movies set in Middle-earth
Word Count: 1,927

Why I Believe The Last Goodbye is the Perfect Last Song

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Author: Linaewen
Title: Evil and Free Will, With Examples from Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Theme: Nonfiction
Subject: A written response to a statement about evil and free will, as it applies to characters and situations in LotR.
Type: Essay
Author's Notes: The essay is something I wrote a number of years ago, in response to a statement someone made in a Lord of the Rings discussion forum of which I was a member. I don't remember the context of the statement or who made it, whether it was a quote from something, or part of a larger discussion or essay, or if it was made simply to generate discussion among the members of the forum. The discussion forum and its accompanying website have long since been taken down, so all that is left is the statement itself and my response to it.
Word Count: 2,204
Evil and Free WillCollapse )

The August Non-fiction Challenge

So far we have received no entries in this year's non-fiction challenge. So I am extending the deadline to Friday.

As an encouragement: if you already have an essay or paper of some sort that has never appeared in the challenge community and is not already on MPTT, please consider entering it this year. While new material is earnestly to be desired, if it is new to the readers it would be welcome.

Tree and Flower Awards

Monday August 24, will be the last day for making new nominations.

Some nominations will be withdrawn due to being either duplicates of earlier nominations this year or because of being ineligible as having placed in previous Tree and Flower Awards. Those who made such nominations have been notified by PM. Those people ONLY will be allowed to replace or edit their nominations on Aug. 25-26. No brand-new nominations will be allowed on those dates.

Please if you nominate a replacement, indicate in your comment that it is such a replacement. If you simply edit your nomination, the automatic time-stamp on the edit will let us know if it is a replacement.

Some stories were nominated as part of an anthology, in which all or part of it may have placed in previous years.

This dilemma has come up before, and I've looked at past winners and nominees, and we appear to have set a precedent. So here will be the solution: if a part of a work has previously won (part of an anthology) and that part was complete in itself, then individual parts can still be nominated. But not the work as a whole. For example, in the past a winner was "My True Love" from Mary Sue's Tales. In that event, someone could nominate "My Broken Heart" from Mary Sue's Tales by marisu, but NOT Mary Sue's Tales as a whole. If the work as a whole was nominated and placed, then a NEW story could be nominated. (For example, Mary Sue's Tales by marisu won HM in 2014, but since then she added a story, "Love on the Rebound" to that anthology, the STORY would be eligible. not the rest of the anthology.)

What this may mean is that if you made such a nomination it will be altered to reflect this policy: For example--

Nomination for Favorite Romance
"My True Love" from Mary Sue's Tales

In other words, the individual story is the nomination, and not the entire work. If you have made such a nomination that did not reflect this, you may edit it yourself. If not, we will do so when constructing the voting poll.

Remember, you still have time to nominate!
This post contains nominations for the Characterization main category as of approximately 4PM CDST, Aug. 18.

I have included the time stamp on each nomination, since in the event of duplications, the earliest nomination is accepted.

Please help us out if you spot duplicate or ineligible nominations; just comment here on this post, or at the post I made for all the other main categories last night.

Nominations by Character are behind the cut. Read more...Collapse )


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