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Sounds of Home by Linaewen

Author:  Linaewen
Title:  Sounds of Home
Rating:  G
Theme:  Short and Sweet 
Elements:  Write a fixed-length ficlet of exactly 110 words
Author's Notes:  This plot bunny placed second in my poll for the 2010 Finish-a-thon, and it has now been finished after laying dormant for more than a year -- rather like a cicada, come to think of it!  
Summary:  Boromir is serenaded as he takes a mid-afternoon rest.
Word Count: 110

Boromir sat under a tree, legs stretched out before him.  Weary after long hours of trudging under the hot summer sun, the shade provided him welcome respite.

The resonant buzzing of cicadas filled the air, first growing loud, then ebbing away to begin again from another place.  One strident fellow claimed the branches above Boromir’s head for his own, his drumming music bold and insistent.

Boromir smiled, pleased at the sound and filled with contentment.  This song was common throughout Gondor, from the trees of his City to the fields and woods approaching the Sea.

He was far from home, but the sounds of home were with him, even here.
Tags: 2010, challenge: short and sweet, july, month: 2010 july
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