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Wild Strawberries by Wormwood

Author: Wormwood
Title: Wild Strawberries
Rating: G
Theme: Short and Sweet
Elements: 277
Summary:  Faramir and Elboron visit a place where wild strawberries and memories grow.
Word Count: 277

Wild Strawberries

"Come on...nearly there.”
Faramir knew he had run out of credibility when Elboron instead stopped completely, folded his arms and stared at his boots. The entire posture shouted “liar”.
Time had come to give in. He lifted his son onto his shoulders.

For several days he had been chased by the memory...a hillside of wild strawberries. Now he was on his way there...driven by an urgency to bring Elboron he didn't quite understand.

They had been lost in the forest...hungry and happy, his brother and him.
A perfect day of freedom...one of the last of his childhood.

Faramir had been prepared for disappointment, but the strawberries still grew like the small blood-red lanterns Boromir and he had pulled off and devoured in voracious hunger. The sensation when the juicy sweetness of the berries filled his mouth had stayed with him ever since.

Faramir picked two straws, thread them carefully with strawberries and gave them to Elboron. The boy looked puzzled, but accepted the gift solemnly. He pulled the berries off carefully and put them in his mouth...one by one.

Looking at his son’s dark head Faramir was assailed by a feeling of almost painful happiness...making has hands shake and his cheeks wet.
He was alive...he was back...here.

In the hot afternoon, through the thinning fabric of memory, he saw two figures, one tall, the other shorter, and heard snatches of voices and laughter. Then the tallest turned slowly until he was facing the direction of Elboron and himself.
Faramir felt him watching them...from the other side of the memory.

“When the world is this beautiful it doesn’t matter that we can’t remain,” Faramir whispered...to no-one in particular.
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