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The Perils of Being the Littlest Took by bfb

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Author: bfb
Title: The Perils of Being the Littlest Took
Rating: G
Theme: Short and Sweet
Elements: 339
Author's Notes: This is my first time submitting to this group, so let me know if I did anything wrong!
Summary: Pippin makes a drastic move to evade his older sister’s sadistic clutches.
Word Count: 339

“Give it back or I’ll tell Mum!”

“Tell her what? That you wanted to eat a tart before supper?”

Pippin glared up at his sister, but said nothing in response. Pervinca had a point. He’d have to rescue the pastry without the aid of his mother’s justice. He gazed up at the high cupboard where it had been hidden and sighed, knowing that his options were few and not altogether pleasant.

“You know what you could do to get it back, though, don’t you?” said Pervinca with a smug grin as she folded her arms. Pippin frowned and wished that a game of Knights and Pirates had struck her fancy rather than a tea party.

“But it isn’t fair!” he cried, stomping his foot. “It’s mine! You can’t steal it and force me to play your silly dress up games!”

“Oh, I wasn’t going to dress you up today,” said Pervinca innocently. But then she pulled a ribbon out of her apron pocket and added, “Though now that you mention it, Pimmie has been working on a new dress all day. Perhaps we should invite her to play?”

Pippin began to back away in terror as his sister approached him, a look of demoniacal glee upon her face. He bumped into the counter and, seeing no other choice, started a desperate ascent up the shelves.

“What are you doing?” Pervinca’s annoyance quickly turned into worry as she watched the nimble lad climb. “You’re going to fall and break your neck!”

But Pippin was of single purpose now and only kept clambering higher. He was within arm’s reach of the infamous cupboard, when suddenly he was being plucked down and lowered to the ground.

“I was this close to rescuing my tart, Dad!” Pippin whined.

“And one day, you’ll be big enough to rescue all the tarts you like,” said Paladin with a smile. “But for now...” He took not one but two tarts out of the cupboard and handed it to his ecstatic children. “Just don’t tell your mother.”
Tags: 2010, challenge: short and sweet, july, month: 2010 july
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