Lbilover (ex_lbilover) wrote in lotr_community,

Short and Sweet Challenge: Camping Trip

Author: Lbilover
Title: Camping Trip
Rating: G (gen)
Theme: Short and Sweet Challenge
Elements: Fixed length of 144 words
Author's Notes: Originally I hoped to write something related to the word count, but this is what the muse had on offer. :)
Summary: Sam and three of his sons go camping.
Word Count: 144

Taking three active, mischievous lads camping was a challenge even for a patient father like Sam. What with settling tiffs, tending scrapes, and answering endless questions, it seemed an age before their campsite was set up, their supper—a half-dozen good-sized trout—caught and cleaned, and the fried fish and chips consumed.

Later, replete and content, they settled on the grassy hillside to watch the sunset, drowsy Hamfast on Sam’s lap, and Frodo and Pippin, yawning and nodding now, cuddled close. Twinkling lights appeared in the valley below, stars blossomed into brilliant life overhead, and Elf-like, Sam began softly to sing their praise.

Lulled by the simple melody, Ham, Frodo and Pippin were soon fast asleep. But Sam sat on, cherishing their sweet warmth against him, and silently gave thanks that his sons would always see the stars shining bright, undimmed by any Shadow.


Tags: 2010, challenge: short and sweet, july, month: 2010 july
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