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A Sweet Visit by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: A Sweet Visit
Rating: G
Theme: Short and sweet
Elements: 399 words
Author's Notes: This took forever to get the word-count right!
Summary: Frodo makes his first visit back to Brandy Hall after moving to Bag End
Word Count: 399

A Sweet Visit

Frodo blinked, looking about him The low-burning lamp on the bedside table was familiar, and the wardrobe and washstand were the same; the pitcher and ewer were new. His small desk and chair were gone; the blue hooked rug by his bed and his blue-and-white quilted coverlet had been replaced. Both rug and coverlet, made by his mother, had accompanied Frodo to Bag End.

The warm little body snuggled closely against him was the same. Well, not exactly the same, for Merry had done some growing in the months since they'd been apart. His cousin now came nearly to his shoulders! And he had clung very tightly to Frodo last night; it was Frodo's first visit to Brandy Hall since he had gone to live with Bilbo.

He stirred, and Merry shot up, wide awake. "Where are you going, Frodo?"

Frodo ruffled Merry's curls, saying, “I am going to go to use the water-closet, and then I am going to see if there is some breakfast around here!"

"I'm coming, too!" cried Merry, bouncing out of the bed.

A quick washing of faces and a donning of dressing-gowns and the two lads passed through the deserted room of Merry's parents to the short hallway where the water-closet was located.

After seeing to their needs, the lads wandered into the small dining room, from which delicious smells were emanating. The table was set for the four of them. Uncle Saradoc was already seated in his place, reading a letter, while Aunt Esme was placing the food on the table. .

"Good morning, Frodo," she said, giving him a little kiss on the cheek. Frodo realized that he too must have grown, since she did not bend to reach him! He was very nearly the same height as she!

"Good morning!” Frodo helped Merry into his chair, noticing that Merry was no longer using the little wooden seat that boosted him up to table height. He smiled to see his cousin still used the plate with the ponies, and his little glass mug with the etched scene of fishing hobbits.

He looked at the table. Aunt Esme had prepared his favorite breakfast-- bacon, mushrooms, eggs scrambled with cheese, bilberry scones with butter and honey. As he loaded his plate, he smiled to himself.

Bag End was home now, but it was sweet to be back in Brandy Hall for a while.
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