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Happy Anniversary MPTT and Thank You!

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my 3 co-mods, Dreamflower, Dawn
Felagund, and Pearl Took! Without all the efforts of our wonderful team, MPTT,
the LJ Challenges, and the group would not be successful. Likewise, I want to
thank all of our members and guests for such unfailing support for all 3 of our
sites. Communities such as ours are great fun, but they do require a lot of
effort in order to keep them enjoyable and lively. And without our dedicated
friends, writers, readers, reviewers, and more, LOTR_Community GFIC would not
exist! So - thank you so *very* much everyone, and here's to another year of
challenges and great stories, discussions, debates, comments, and laughs!

*Group Hugs to All*
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