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About Celeborn by Keiliss

Author: Keiliss
Title: About Celeborn
Rating: G
Theme: Pairs
Elements: night, day.
Beta: n/a
Author's Notes: I struggle with true drabbles – not disciplined enough, lol.
Summary: A firm note from Galadriel to her brother, Finrod
Word Count: 100 (hand counted)

Dear Findaráto.

Your idea of marrying me off to King Thingol’s nephew, Celeborn, is your most ludicrous yet. Yes, it would mean I could remain here and continue my studies, yes it would give us, as you so indelicately put it, an ear at the Sindarin court, but you seem to overlook one important fact: Celeborn and I have NOTHING IN COMMON. I am outgoing, adventurous, resolute. He is introspective, fond of home and family,
set in his ways
content. In other words, it would NEVER work - we are like night and day.

The answer is no!

Your sister,
Tags: 2010, annual challenge: drabbles, challenge: pairs, month: 2010 november, november
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