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2010 November Challenge Stories

The November Challenge stories have been posted. The Challenge was “true drabbles” of exactly 100 words with the theme “Pairs”. Elements were two words that seem to “go together” in a pair, for example, "black, white" or "night, day" which were to be used in the drabble.

The 2010 November “True Drabble” Challenge

Deeper Down the Withywindle, by Clodia Metelli Down comes the rain... but Goldberry has a new toy.
Keep Breathing, by WormwoodEowyn and the rhythms of life.
The Roses of Imloth Melui , by Lady Branwyn
Counterweight, by Celeritas Estella Bolger watches her brother and his betrothed
About Celeborn, by Keiliss A firm note from Galadriel to her brother, Finrod.
Evenfall, by Mercurie Night falls on Arwen Evenstar.
Climbing, by AntaneFrodo and a mountain.
The Melody Changes, but the Beat Stays the Same, by bfb At Bilbo's Farewell Party, Frodo notices Merry doing something he's never done before and reminisces about the past.
Before Their Eyes, by Larner What can the Hobbits of the Shire think when they first behold the King and Queen of Gondor and Arnor combined?
Taste, by NathThe taste of victory is not what Elrond expected.
How Does Your Garden Grow?, by ParanoidangelSam and Frodo discuss the garden.
Arrival, by Kaylee ArafinwielThe Tithen Aran arrives home and considers his father.
There and Back Again, by DreamflowerBilbo ponders Adventure.
Father and Son, by AdlanthFinwë and Fëanor after Miriel's death.
Entrance, by Goldvermilion87Cliched Frodo angst.
Diminishing Reality, by PeriantariA scene from the chapter The Flight to the Ford.
Guilded Cage, by Linda HoylandLuxury is not always comfort.
Lasses, by Pearl TookPippin suddenly sees a new side to his sister Pervinca.
Sing All Ye People, by RhyselleIn Gondor, music is common during times of celebration--even when some individuals would wish it were not!
Leaving Home, by NautikaAfter the loss of their parents, a brother and sister discuss their future.

We hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!
And authors - remember that late entries are always welcome!
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