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January 2011 Potluck Challenge

The January Challenge stories, with the theme “Potluck” have been posted. The Potluck Challenge consists of all the leftover elements from last year’s challenges and each author was invited to choose her own prompts from among the "leftovers". We had eleven entries, with nine authors participating!

Dancing Lessons by Virtuella
After Lothíriel has dished up chilli paste and Éomer is nearly choking, where can the two go from here?
A Matter of Duty -- by Larner
The Captain of the Guard of the Citadel must examine the details leading to the deaths suffered that morning within the Hallows and make preliminary judgments.
How Estella Learned to Bake by bfb
Rosamunda Bolger finds a way to comfort little Estella after she comes home in tears from being bullied by Merry and Freddy.
A Love Letter by Antane This is set within my “Last Wish” AU in which Frodo descends into a gentle madness after an October 6th illness and reverts to a innocent, joyful child-like state. He retains all his memories from the Quest, but does not know they truly belong to him.
Did Frodo Fail by Antane An essay exploring what happened to Frodo at the Fire.
Rivendell Farm by Paranoidangel
Estel learns some important lessons about hard work.
Just as Good by Linda Hoyland Which is better, cats or dogs?
Being Still by Linda Hoyland When Eldarion fails to pay attention to his tutor, Aragorn decides a spot of Ranger training might teach a valuable lesson.
Nothing Personal…Just Business by Dreamflower
Sometimes it takes years to build a relationship…

ETAThe Deserter's Just Deserts by Lady Branwyn. When a deserter from the army of Rohan is captured in Ithilien, Faramir finds that his wife is strangely troubled by the Rider's plight.
Health Care in Gondor and Rohan by telperion1 What would health care have looked like in Gondor and Rohan? Tolkien doesn’t tell us much, but what he does say provides good food for thought.

I hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!

And authors, remember that late entries are always welcome!
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