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Éowyn the Passion Heart by Iavalir

Author: iavalir
Title: Éowyn the Passion Heart
Rating: G
Theme: hearts and flowers
Elements: puppy love, passionate heart, lilies (purity)
Beta: none; self proof-read
Summary: Éowyn watches the young man from Rohan’s army train and decides she too would like to wield a sword.
Word Count: 760

The clash of sword against sword, of young men yelling and laughing, were the sounds that awoke young Éowyn from her restful nap. She glanced from side to side, taking in the scene of her room, and was about to return to sleep when the voice of the one men registered in her mind. And soon Éowyn was shuffling out of her bed with a big smile on her young fair face. She snuck to the closest window where she could get a good glimpse of the open field. There they were, the men young and old deep in their training. And among them was he, the young man a friend of Théodred her cousin, the young warrior who made Éowyn’s heart skip beats and filled her with awe. His name she did not know, and she called him many names depending on her mood. She watched his blonde curls ripple in the wind and imagined that hair sticking to his neck as he placed the lilies beside her bed.

Éowyn watched them for some time, for how long she soon lost count. It was the sudden ache in her leg that recalled her back to the present. She was still ill though she was slowly returning to her full health. She did not desire returning to bed, for she had grown restless watching the men in training. But neither was she well enough to run outside.

Instead, she took one of the lilies from the vase beside her bed and slipped it into her hair beside her temple. She amused herself by walking from one window to the next, peering outside and spotting the young man. On and on this went before Éowyn became aware of where her feet had led her. Around the walls of the small hall were many swords, bowstrings, and shields. Feeling inspired, Éowyn picked one of the swords off the wall and positioned herself as she had seen the men do many times before.

Then she bowed low and in an imitation of a man, said aloud, “For what reason do you come here?”

And Éowyn stood up and replied, “My lord, I wish to fight alongside you. Accept me into your army, for never will you have doubt in my ability!” Then still imitating the men, she raised her sword and swung it. The weapon was far more heavy than she had anticipated, and it almost slipped from her hand and landed on her foot. But she kept her grip steady, and when she was ready, she gave the sword another swing. Soon the hall was filled with her battle cries.

“And you shall be known as Éowyn the Passion Heart, smallest and fiercest of all of Rohan’s army!” said a voice filled with merriment.

This time the sword did slip from Éowyn’s hold but thankfully it did not cut her toes.

“Brother! It is not kind to sneak upon your sister like this!”

“I did not mean to be rude,” Éomer said, “and glad I am the sword did not hurt you. But truly I meant my words: you would make an outstanding addition to King Théoden’s army. Pure as that lily you may be, there is much passion and strength in you that would serve us well on the battlefield.”

“You believe so?” Éowyn said.

“Certainly, though I wonder what possessed you to think of picking up the sword in the first place.”

Éowyn glanced at the window then back but did not speak.

“Ah, I begin to understand,” Éomer said. “Your heart will change its ways, for it goes in phases much like the moon. But training in the ways of combat will remain beside you for your entire life. Now stand before me with your sword in this position - yes, like this.”

Éowyn looked at her brother in the eye, for her heart had sunken at his words. She did not want to think there would be a time when she would look upon that young man and find no love for him. A petal from the lily slipped from its stem. “One day I may not love him anymore? I cannot imagine such a time!”

“It is not love to begin with,” Éomer said. “You are still young and in time you will understand. But leave that behind you and concentrate! I see much potential in you. And after all -” he gave his sister a good long look and chuckled - “with such early promise of skill, who knows what king you one day will knock from his throne?”
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