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Rosie's Song, by Armariel

Author: Armariel
Title: Rosie's Song
Rating: G
Theme: April Poetry Challenge
Elements: Light (adjective)
Beta: None
Author's Notes: I'll probably put it to music sooner or later;)
Summary: Rosie Cotton rejoices at Sam's return.
Word Count: 177

Rosie's Song

Warm is the wind in the rue and the heather
dewy the dell where the ferns freely teem
fresh is the fragrance of earth newly plowed
cool is the mist of the low-hanging cloud
'neath birches and willows beside the mill stream.

Red are the strawberries ripe in the field
blue are the columbines wild in the vale
pink the sweetbriar that twines in the hedge
white is the clover-bloom, gold the broom sedge
silver the sunshine that warms your long trail.

Light is my step at the sound of your coming
my ears hear your voice in the haze-covered hills;
the Shire is all turned out, clad in spring-best
waiting to welcome you from your long quest
gay is the song that my heart sudden fills.

Now you've returned and the trouble has ended
soon you will clasp me and call me your bride
our mourning will be changed to dancing and cheer
our garden will flourish for many a year
our land we will heal as we work side by side!

Tags: 2011, annual challenge: poetry, april, month: 2011 april
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