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Ode to a Hopeless Love -- by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: Ode to a Hopeless Love
Theme: Poem
Element: a star
Beta: Lindelea
Author's Notes: For RS for her birthday.
Summary: After the Fellowship left Rivendell, Bilbo found this poem secreted behind a drawer in the room in which Frodo had slept. Apparently the Ringbearer found his heart unexpectedly stirred.
Word count: 291

Ode to a Hopeless Love

(found by Bilbo after the Fellowship left Rivendell)

She walks in beauty like the night!
Pretentious words! They just aren’t right!
How I worship from afar
the beauteous Arwen Evenstar!
Now, there’s a sentiment trite and callow
from one whose heart has long lain fallow.
I sound the veriest shallow youth.
How to speak my heart’s sweet truth?
For she’s an Elf and I a Hobbit.
I see her and my heart will throb! It
seems my loves are doomed to fail.
It’s best my thoughts I not unveil.
But is it love or merely fancy?
It’s not as if there were a chance she
would give a thought to such as me,
who’s bungled things so thoroughly.
A wand’rer now, my home abandoned,
a quest to take me to a sad end—
or so it seems. What can she see
beyond the one who draws her pity?

But if I could my love but tell,
I’d speak of sweet Undómiel!
And with ev’ry attempted verse
my writing grows but worse and worse!

She smiles, and stars rise in the sky.
She sings, and not an eye stays dry.
Oh, Frodo, best put down thy pen
before it proves to be no friend!
Leave poetry to others who
can weave words far more sweet than you.
No, not for you the Evenstar,
nor Pearls, nor flowers in a jar.
Your dreams, you know, are too oft foul,
wicked enough to make one howl!
Nay, if you would see her stay untainted,
best she not dwell on heart dark-painted
with bloody images of pain and death,
quite enough to stop one’s breath.

Yet I would love you, Arwen, queen
of my heart—if only it might have been!
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