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He of Hope and Despair by Adonnen Estenniel

Author: Adonnen Estenniel (alphien )
Title: "He of Hope and Despair"
Rating: PG
Theme: poem
Elements: adverb - already
Summary: The ever-faith of Gorlim son of Angrim marks the road to doom.
Wordcount: 179

“He of Hope and Despair”

And in the fairest wandering,
Deep in the night-dark fields
Where once he lay claim,
Gorlim son of Agrim stood.

Fiercest of warriors was he,
For deep hatred dwelled,
Hidden and smouldering,
In his ravaged breast.

Ever watchful, his eyes looked,
Searching ever for she,
His long-absent love:
The dame Eilinel.

In fey hope and secret despair,
Gorlim thinks not upon her death,
And instead he dreams of good,
In a sweet reunion with his love.

And in this fair wandering,
Under the stars and moon,
His ever-eager eyes fell on a figure,
Worn with great fatigue.

Unmistakable even in dimness,
Wonderful to behold,
There stood Eilinel,
Gorlim’s heart’s love.

With joy and gladness
Gorlim cried aloud to his heart,
But in haste he forgot certain truth;
This dame most fair was already dead.

Too soon steel hands grasped,
Tight upon his world-weary shoulder,
And turning in fear and dread,
Gorlim saw his terrible fate.

Tall and dark, Sauron stood;
Wreathed in mist and shadow,
He leered in malice triumphant,
And declared Gorlim’s doom.
Tags: 2011, annual challenge: poetry, april, month: 2011 april
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