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Valley of Twilight and Stars by Adonnen Estenniel

Author: Adonnen Estenniel (alphien)
Title: "Valley of Twilight and Stars"
Rating: PG
Theme: poem
Element: adjective - pale 
Summary: Nan Elmoth's trees look upon the love of two maids and their lords.
Wordcount: 148

"Valley of Twilight and Stars"

I. Nightingale

Fair in figure and face,
Lit with innermost grace,
Lady Melian sings.

Garbed in raiment of Light,
Shod in vestiges bright,
Lady Melian dances.

Pale arms reach sky-ward ever,
Tears fall to flowers never,
Here Melian delights.

Walks tall Elwë, singing
Always the West clinging,
But he now sees her there.

Melian of Light pale,
Soon captures Elf-lord hale;
They stand silent, unknown.

Steadfast couple tarry
With night’gale unwary;
Slow years move in the sky.

II. Deep-night

Clad in silver and white,
Ar-Feiniel rides under murkèd tree,
Where her face desire does light.

In the steady dark night,
Watchful eyes look upon her pale figure;
Love blooms in a heart of blight.

So he takes Ar-Feiniel to hearth
And pours his weighty love upon her,
Yet in turn her soul yearns for sun-sky,

and desire is tempered in Ar-Feiniel’s longing need.
Tags: 2011, annual challenge: poetry, april, month: 2011 april

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