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Honey-speak Villain by Adonnen Estenniel

Author: Adonnen Estenniel (alphien )
Title: "Honey-speak Villain"
Rating: PG
Theme: poem
Elements: noun - beast
Summary: The downfall of Gríma Wormtongue.
Wordcount: 177

"Honey-speak Villain"

Thy blue-eyed1 venom binds to the night-spell;
As a fair maid’s skin delights in sleave silk2
So are thy monstrous bones veiled in terror.

Sables and ermine do naught but cloak you,
Treacherous and lewd, stinking double-tongued3.
Thy false costumes serve only for a time.

Thou art no more than a harlot4, pretty-dressed;
Riches and splendour mask not thy scaled form.
Like a carnivore-worm you crawl and devour.

Festering mould seeps from decrepit pores,
Drips to the cold stone in nervous plinks-plinks;
Your vile heart dies shrouded in swirling blume5.

Thy cruel daubery6 nigh is at its end;
At the swift coming of the sure White Dawn7,
Beasts such as thee must grovel in the earth.


1. blue-eyed: In addition to describing eye colour, this term describes eyes discoloured and sunken from exhaustion, weeping, or injury,
2. sleave silk: Floss silk
3. double-tongued: possessing a snake’s, or forked, tongue
4. harlot: base or common person (harlot king)
5. blume: fog or mist
6. daubery: false pretence, cheating
7. coming…White Dawn: the unveiling of Gandalf the White
Tags: 2011, annual challenge: poetry, april, month: 2011 april
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