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The April Challenge: Poetry

The April Challenge entries, with the theme of "Poetry" have now been posted. Each participant was given a single word to be used in the poem. We’ve had thirteen entries by nine authors.

The April 2011 Poetry Challenge

Rosie's Song, by Armariel Rosie Cotton rejoices at Sam's return.
Ode to a Hopeless Love -- by Larner After the Fellowship left Rivendell, Bilbo found this poem secreted behind a drawer in the room in which Frodo had slept. Apparently the Ringbearer found his heart unexpectedly stirred.
He of Hope and Despair by Adonnen Estenniel The ever-faith of Gorlim son of Angrim marks the road to doom.
Valley of Twilight and Stars by Adonnen Estenniel Nan Elmoth's trees look upon the love of two maids and their lords.
Honey-speak Villain by Adonnen Estenniel The downfall of Gríma Wormtongue.
Quietly by Pearl Took
Pippin's journey, up to the Last Battle…
Celeborn by Kaylee Arafinwiel In the West, Galadriel's observer muses on the nature of her arborine companion.
Sestina for Pippin by Dreamflower Pippin on the Quest
The Ballad of Captain Fatty (or How Fatty Popped the Pimple) by Dreamflower Captain Fatty Bolger and his band of stout lads take on Lotho Pimple and his Ruffians…
Gifting by Peregrin Ionad Galadriel deciding on gifts for the fellowship.
A Wedding Song by Celeritas A hobbit wedding song
Another Wedding Song by Celeritas A hobbit wedding song
Where the Moon Walks by Adonnen Estenniel Thorin & Co. on Erebor.

I hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!

And authors, remember that late entries are always welcome!


Eagles by judy
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