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Naked in the Dark by Antane

Author: Antane
Title: Naked in the Dark
Rating: PG
Author Notes:
Frodo at the Fire as he claims the Ring and is claimed by it and also claimed by another. Inspired by jan-u-wine’s poem of the same name. My element was ‘mountain’ which is very interesting as I had already written much of this before I received that. Though the first part deals with the rape of Frodo as he is consumed at last, there is nothing sexual. No slash at all in either part.
Word Count: Over 300

I am naked before him
And he before me
The last veil swept away
He can feel my lust
And I can feel his
A terrible fire that blackens
as it consumes the sacrifice I bring

Then I feel an overwhelming fear
that I marvel is coming from him
He sees his peril, but does he not know
it is for naught?
I cannot choose to destroy this thing
that has destroyed me
I cannot choose to destroy
my self

Cruel arms surround me
I fight them, thinking they are his,
seeking after his prize
Claws rend me as his malice has this entire time,
leaving me long before now raw and bleeding before him
Hatred and rage fill me as I realize that
a greater lust has invaded our union

Teeth crueler than the arms pierce us
A howl fills the air
as our treasure is wrested away
I kneel at the edge as the flames leap up
to consume it,

I am left alone, as the fire burns through
the empty shell that is all that is left within
The agony of my loss makes me long to
drown myself in the flames below,
to quench with it the lust that burns
with everlasting fire,
to warm the cold in which
my nothingness now shivers,
bereft of our precious,
bereft of everything

No, not everything
A different warmth comes,
a gentle hand takes me own
a light filters into the darkness
I look at the one who smiles at me,
naked to him as well
I tremble at what he must see
I stare mesmerized
as he clothes me in his love,
anoints the tears in me with his tears,
and even as the world ends around us
rejoices that I am free

I wonder what he means
Free of what?
To do what?
There are no choices left
Only the doom that brought us to this mountain,
that I brought him here to share
He mourns the loss of a single finger of mine,
regretting that he has nothing to bind or comfort it with
He is wrong there
He binds it with his love
and comforts it with his light
He says he would rather have given a whole hand of his own,
but he will soon be giving so much more than that
in the fire that will consume us both,
as it has already consumed me these long months

I would beg forgiveness but
I know it would be for naught
He will not despair even now
He still lives
I am neither alive nor dead,
empty but for the love he gives
and the lust that still burns
He cannot fill the nothingness that is within
or the nothingness that awaits

Only for love of him
do I allow him to lead me away,
to delay our doom a few moments longer,
to stretch out my agony in order not to add to his
He tenderly caresses my broken hand and heart,
telling me how much he wishes he could hear
the tale that will be told of us
I cannot help but smile as I look into his shining eyes

My hope
my love
my light
my life
He is my own
And I belong to him
Here at the end of all things,
I am glad
I am free
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