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2011 Yule Fic Exchange

2011 Yule Fic Exchange


IF you signed up for the 2011 LOTR GFIC Yule Fic Exchange at the announcement post the requests are behind the cut. ONLY those who signed up are eligible to choose a request. Post a comment to the request you wish to write. Post a comment as well for your second choice. State clearly which is your first or second choice.

First choices will be crossed out as the mods see the requests come in. If two people request the same one before the mods have a chance to cross it out, the second person will get their second request.

In the remote possibility that both your choices are already chosen, we will contact you to make a third choice. All comments are screened.

Once all stories are claimed, you will be e-mailed with the name of the person you are writing for. You may then check your recipient's own stories and so forth to get an idea of what she likes. Do not contact your recipient however, as authors will be revealed when the stories are revealed.


1. I would like a story about a misadventure Boromir has during his 110 day journey to Rivendell. It can be either serious or humorous, or somewhere in between!

2. I'd love a Frodo hurt/comfort fic, preferably with Aragorn giving the comfort. I don't care whether it's during or after the quest.

3. I would like a story set in Valinor dealing with one of the sons of Feanor and an exchange of gifts with one that he loves (either slash or het).

4. I'd like a gift in which someone is having secong thoughts about a commitment he has made. Perhaps it is Aragorn as Thorongil wondering how he ended up having to answer to an increasingly suspicious Denethor as Ecthelion's Captain-General for Gondor's forces; perhaps it's Frodo wondering how on earth he's ended up as Ringbearer, or Finrod wishing he'd never given Barahir that ring! Or Aragorn wishing he'd never promised to search for Gollum, or Gandalf grumpily wishing he'd followed Saruman's example and taken a handy tower as an abode as he shivers over a meager campfire, or Sam wishing he were back in the Shire with the Cottons and the Gaffer rather than wandering lost in the wilderness on what appears a hopeless quest....You get the idea!

5. I'd love a fic that takes place after the War of the Ring and shows moments of the fellowship during their time in Minas Tirith. I'd like something to happen to the hobbits during their stay that makes Aragorn have to go find them. It can be all or just one or two of them.

6. snow, Orcs, any Age, any other aspects

7. I would love any sort of encounter between hobbits and dwarves during the late Third Age or early Fourth Age. Maybe dwarves come through the Shire, maybe something happens around Bilbo's famous birthday party, maybe an adventurous Took meets a dwarf on the road to Bree, etc. You get the picture.

8. elves, second age, mild slash - Erestor/elf, taking place as the Last Alliance army prepares to leave Imladris.

9. I'd love a story about any Yuletide during Merry's lifetime, any age from faunt to his last Yule before he dies in Minas Tirith. Please include a mention of a really awful Yule gift (not necessarily one given to Merry. *grin* Thanks!

10. I would like either a Yule story set in the Shire when our four hobbits were young, set either at Bag End or Brandy Hall, OR one set with Frodo and his parents when he was very young, again set either at Bag End or Brandy Hall. Can be fluffy, funny, angsty or all three.

11. I would like a story about the first Yule in the Shire after the War of the Ring. Either Merry or Pippin or both should be in it and it can include Sam & Frodo as well any other Hobbits. I like happy endings.

12. Pippin and Merry and Frodo, maybe Bilbo, young hobbits, Took farm! A family yule

Story Guidelines and Exchange Rules:

1. Everyone who posts a request is expected to also write a request.

2. Stories will be a minimum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 5,000, although we will not quibble if you go over just a little bit.

3. All stories should be rated between G and PG-13 and fit the community ratings guidelines. Please look at them here: Ratings Guidelines PLEASE NOTE: The guidelines include "R", but "R" is not allowed in this exchange.

4. Stories will be posted directly to the lotr_community, where they will remain hidden in the moderator's queue until the reveal date. The stories will be revealed on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2011). You may finish and post your story early, although we ask that you wait until after November 20, in order to make sure that all the November stories have cleared the moderator's queue.

5. Use this template as a header when posting your story:

Make sure to put your story title AND your name in the subject line! Please tag your story "2011 yule fic exchange".

If your story is incorrectly formatted, we may ask you to re-post.

If you have any troubles posting please contact a mod for help.

6. If you are unable to write the story or to finish it for some reason, please notify the mods by December 18, so that we may assign a pinch hitter.

7. On January 2, you will be free to post your stories elsewhere. All of the exchange stories will be archived at Many Paths to Tread as well.

8. Remember to read your story and thank your author!


Since the comments are being screened, please do not post questions here. We can't answer without unscreening. There will be a separate post where you can ask any questions about this year's exchange.

As there is limited time this year, please claim your request ASAP!


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