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Spring Garden by Arwen75

Author: Arwen75
Title: Spring Garden
Rating: G
Theme: A Different Green
Elements: Yellow-Green
Author's Notes: Shortish piece – as usual for me it seems. You may even get some art to go with this next week (depending on what my garden is doing :))
Summary: Spring in a garden
Word Count: 200 (according to Word)

As Sam wandered through the garden he could see the signs of spring coming. There were the yellow-green hints on the trees and shrubs as they prepared to burst into leaf. Other colours were there also in the white snowdrops and the white, purple and yellow crocus. He was reminded of one of Mr Bilbo’s songs “In every wood in every Spring there is a different green.”

The garden at Bag End was not a wood but it was as true in a garden as spring came, as in a wood. Everywhere he looked there was indeed a different green as plants prepared for new life after the winter. Spring was a great time to be a gardener after the hardship of winter it brought the promise of new life and hope to the garden.

This winter had been difficult after Mr Frodo had sailed away with the other Ring-bearers, but now as he stood in his garden surrounded by the signs of new life, he found hope that one day he would see Mr Frodo again. Yes the memories were there but it was right to now think of new life and of hope as well as of memory.
Tags: month: 2012 march
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