Nath (mrowe) wrote in lotr_community,

Apple green by Nath

Author: Nath
Title: Apple green

Rating: G
Theme: Spring/Green
Elements: apple green
Word Count: 100

“What colour was it?”

“What colour was what, Elanor?”

“The apple you hit that Bill Ferny on the nose with.”

“What colour... Green, I suppose.”

“Yes, dad, what kind of green though?”

“Apple green, I guess then. But why are you drawing that, Elanorelle?” Sam walked around the easel.

Elanor was sketching the Bree gatehouse, with a figure that Sam suspected would become Bill Ferny, and a raised hobbit hand, about to throw an apple.

“The Queen thinks I have a skill for funny sketches, and I have to bring some to Annúminas. She wants us to develop our talents.”
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