dreamflower02 (dreamflower02) wrote in lotr_community,

Bunny hutch!!

Next month's challenge needs your help! This invitation is to everyone-- even if you only read the challenges rather than write for them!

You see, next month's challenge will be a "Bunny Hutch" involving plot bunnies sent in by our community members and watchers.

Comment here with a plot bunny; it should not be overly detailed, no more than two or three sentences at most, but include details that will help us in assigning them to those who sign up for next month's challenge, such as which age of Arda it is set, and which of the Races or characters might be involved! The comments to this post will be screened.

If you happen to also be an author, and your author name is different than your LJ name, please let us know so that we don't give you your own bunny!

We hope that we'll have a lot of ideas to choose from; release your imagination!
Tags: announcement, challenge: bunny hutch, month: 2012 may

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