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May Story Challenge: Bunny Hutch

Here are the links to the May 2012 Bunny Hutch Challenge stories! For this challenge each author was assigned one of the many "plot bunnies" submitted by our members.

We had twelve stories so far this month!

Conversation in the Dark by Arwen75 Gollum goes to see Shelob
The Remarkable Daughters of Gerontius Took On the Ring Quest, a request for a tale leads to a mystery.
On the Road From Isengard by Dreamflower Legolas considers his reaction to finding Merry and Pippin at Isengard.
Awaiting the Death of the King by Erulisse (one L) After Galadriel sails, the world seems just a bit darker to Celeborn who has remained behind. He revisits his realm and makes a decision to visit an old friend.
Pukelwoman by Virtuella Elfhelm takes a message to Gondor.
Mellon by Antane An AU story about an orphaned Frodo working for the Gamgees
An Ending of the Hypothetical by Alfirineth After the announcement of Elrond's imminent departure from Middle-earth, Elladan and Elrohir spend a moment discussing their own fate.
He who laughs last... by Nath The Battle of Azanulbizar from a rather unpleasant PoV
Arandur by Linda Hoyland
A Quiet Talk - by Larner Gimli and Frodo have a quiet moment to learn more about one another.
We Shall Stand by Alma Heart It was not for his strength that the Witch King feared him. Cirion remembers his father.
A Son To Be Proud Of by Linaewen Boromir contemplates the relationship between his father and his brother as he prepares to leave upon his quest.
A Week Without Thranduil by Sivan Shimesh Thranduil figured that, after the war, it was time for Legolas to take on some responsibilities and assume his position as king for a week until his return from Imladris.

Thank you all for participating! And I hope everyone will come and check out the stories!


Eagles by judy
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