June 15th, 2008

Light and Glory

Line of Heroes by Rhyselle

Author: Rhyselle
Title: Line of Heroes
Theme: Father's Day Fic Challenge
Elements: "The sons of Eärendil were Elros and Elrond, the Peredhil, or Half-elven. In them alone the line of the heroic chieftains of the Edain in the First Age was preserved…" (RotK, Appendix A)
Author's Notes: I had the hardest time writing this until I started entering Elrond's genealogy into a family tree program and actually saw the interconnections between the Eldar and Edain. It came in the knick of time!
Summary: Elrond's son's have a surprise for him in the library of Imladris.
Word Count: 1,169
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