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June 16th, 2008

The Extraordinary Son by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: The Extraordinary Son
Theme: Father's Day
“Why not now?” said Sam. “It’s not much more than six o’clock. And I want to see my gaffer. D’you know what’s come of him, Mr. Cotton?”

“He’s not too well, and not too bad, Sam,” said the farmer. “They dug up Bagshot Row, and that was a sad blow to him. He’s in one of the new houses that the Chief’s men used to build while they still did any work other than burning and thieving: not above a mile from the end of Bywater. But he comes around to me, when he gets the chance, and I see he’s better fed than some of the poor bodies. All against The Rules, of course. I’d have had him with me, but that wasn’t allowed.”
(RotK, Book VI, Chapter VIII, "The Scouring of the Shire)
Author's Notes:
Summary: Sam's homecoming...
Word Count: 9,079

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Author: Peregrin Ionad
Title:The Prince and the Faery Queen
Theme:Father's Day Challenge
Elements: “The world is grown strange……How shall a man judge what to do in such times?” (TT, Bk. III, Ch. II, “The Riders of Rohan)”
Author's Notes: If you've never heard 'The Ballad of Tam Lin' you may want to listen to it before/whilst you read I'd reccomend the version by Fairport Convention (but ignore anything about a baby/child - it has *nothing* to do with my story) ....and yeah, it takes a while before you realise how it fits the theme of 'Father's Day' but I hope you enjoy!
Summary: Long has the tale been told of young Tam Lin, and of his home at Carterhaugh, but the story is far stranger than you could possibly imagine, even more so that fair Tam Lin himself.

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Author: Golden golden80
Title: Walking on the Streets of the Past
Theme: Father's Day

" 'May I lay the sword of Meriadoc of the Shire on your lap, Théoden King?' he cried. 'Receive my service if you will!'

'Gladly will I take it,' said the king; and laying his long old hands upon the brown hair of the hobbit, he blessed him. 'Rise now, Meriadoc, esquire of Rohan of the household of Meduseld!' he said. 'Take your sword and bear it unto good fortune!'

'As a father you shall be to me,' said Merry.

'For a little while,' said Théoden."

(RotK, Bk. V, Ch. II, "The Passing of the Grey Company")

Author's Notes: Beta by Pearl Took
Summary: Merry uses memories of the past to help his cousin Pippin through a difficult time, memories which help him as well.
Word Count: 1,080
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Pippin's Epiphany by Mattygrl

Author: Mattygrl
Title: Pippin's Epiphany
Theme: Father's Day
Elements: “1430 Faramir son of Peregrin born”(RotK, Appendix B)
Author's Notes:
Summary: A momentous event in Pippin's life
Word Count: 983

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The Promise by Lindelea

Author: Lindelea
Title: The Promise
Theme: Father’s Day Challenge
Elements: Beregond and Bergil
Author's Notes: Caution: character death. According to www.tuckborough.net, The name Borlas is composed of the Sindarin bor meaning "steadfast" and las from glass meaning "joy." None of the characters belong to me, I just take tea with them on occasion. Thanks to Dreamflower for the beta.
Summary: When the time comes to send the wains to a dubious safety, old memories surface, and Beregond must make a difficult decision.
Word Count: 1,146

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Author: Dreamflower
Title: A Decent and Respectable Hobbit
Rating: G
Genre: Drabble series (Fourteen drabbles)
Theme: Father’s Day
Elements: This quotation: “But be that as it may, Mr. Frodo is as nice a young hobbit as you could wish to meet. Very much like Mr. Bilbo, and in more than looks. After all, his father was a Baggins. A decent and respectable hobbit was Mr. Drogo Baggins; there was never much to tell of him, till he was drowned.” (FotR, Bk. I, Ch. I, “A Long-Expected Party”)
Summary: Drogo Baggins, a decent, respectable hobbit; there was never much to tell of him…or was there?
Word Count: 1,400

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Father's Day Challenge!

Several of the stories for the Father's Day Challenge have now been posted. There are stories about Fathers both good and bad, some are happy, some are sad. We hope you enjoy them all.

ETA--this brings the total to fourteen:
A Starless Night by Cathleen
A Father's Love by Nancylea

ETA: Two more stories have been added:
Self-Discovery by Pearl Took
The Greatest Gift of All by Sivan Shemesh

There are ten so far:
A Decent and Respectable Hobbit by Dreamflower
The Promise by Lindelea
Pippin's Epiphany by Mattygrl
Walking on the Streets of the Past by Golden
The Prince and the Faery Queen by Lily Hawker-Yates
Thrice Cursed by Zhie
Recall by Nath
Roots, by the_arc5
Line of Heroes by Rhyselle
The Extraordinary Son by Larner

Thanks to all the authors who have participated; and keep watch--we'll announce any late additions as well!

Self-Discovery by Pearl Took

Author:Pearl Took
Title:Self Discovery
Elements:"My father farms the lands round Whitwell near Tuckborough in the Shire."
Author's Notes:Rated G
Summary:Pippin has some thinking to do about where he came from and who he will be.
Word Count:1,583

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The Greatest Gift of All by Sivan Shemesh

Author: Sivan Shemesh
Title: The Greatest Gift of All
Theme: Father's Day
Elements: Arwen, daughter of Elrond, in whom it was said that the likeness of Lúthien had come on earth again; and she was called Undómiel, for she was the Evenstar of her people.” (FotR, Bk. 2, Ch. 1, “Many Meetings”)
Author's Notes: Let's just say… tree line can be unique.
Author's Notes2: Thank to my sweet beta and suggestions: Aranel.
Summary: As the war of the rings is over, the king has a special gift for his foster father.
Word Count: 570

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A Father's Love by Nancylea

Author: Nancylea
Title: A Father's Love
Theme: Father's Day
Elements: “…Faramir moaned and called on his father in his dream.

Denethor started as one waking from a trance, and the flame died in his eyes, and he wept; and he said: ‘Do not take my son from me! He calls for me.’

‘He calls,’ said Gandalf. ‘but you cannot come to him yet. For he must seek healing on the threshold of death, and maybe find it not. Whereas your part is to go out to the battle of your City, where maybe death awaits you. This you know in your heart.’
(RotK, Bk. V, Ch. VII, “The Pyre of Denethor”)
Summary: Faramir's dream brings back memories
Word Count: 722

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