August 7th, 2008

  • zhie

Allusion Illusion by Zhie

Author: Zhie
Title: Allusion Illusion
Beta: Smaug
Theme: POV Challenge
Elements: colour – yellow ; number – three ; shape – sphere
Author’s Notes: In the chapter ‘Three is Company’ from The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo and his companions encounter Gildor and his company. When questioned how by Frodo how they know his name, the Elves say to him, ‘We have seen you often before with Bilbo, though you may not have seen us.’ I adapted this from that. Bunniverse compatible. And also? Writing Hobbits is harder than writing Elves. In addition, thanks to nancylea57 for the impromptu lesson on hobbit genealogy ^_^
Archived: Phoenix
Summary: Bilbo and young Frodo take a walk.
Word Count: 2288

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