August 11th, 2008

Sarah Jane Drops In: Chapter One

Author: Stefania
Title: Chapter One: The Doctor Makes an Offer
Theme: Point of View Challenge
Elements: Gold, one, cylinder
Author's Notes:
I have always written Gondor fics, set in the late Third Age, early Fourth Age. My different point of view in "Sarah Jane Drops By," is a Mary Sue cross over'ed from the Doctor Who television series. If you are unfamiliar with the "Who-verse," I also have notes at the end of this chapter to help. Our heroine is the title character of "The Sarah Jane Adventures," a children's series spinoff of Dr. Who. Like the TV show, this story is strictly G-rated

Summary: A modern woman drops into Middle Earth and meets the Fellowship of the Ring. But she's not just any woman. She dropped by courtesy of a time machine.

Word Count: 1835

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Thirty Moments of the Ring by Harrowcatliz

Author: Harrowcatliz
Title: Thirty Moments of the Ring!
Theme: POV challenge-- The One Ring
Elements: my elements were circle, 30 and purple.
Author's Notes: This is the very first piece of fanfiction that I have ever written so feedback is craved.

The Ring is not mine, precious and I make no money etc.
My grateful thanks to Bonnie for the encouragement to post this and the efficient beta-ing.

Summary: A poem from the POV of the One Ring
Word Count: 130
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Of the Light by firechild

Author: firechild
Title: Of the Light
Theme: POV challenge
Elements: red, circle, three
Author's Notes: This is a response to the August challenge; it's set roughly in the bookverse, but I make no promises about canon, as I can't recall at the moment actual ages or anything like that, and I know nothing of Elven burial customs or foliage. I usually try to do some research, and maybe someone will be so kind as to correct me off-list for future reference, but I've been ferrying my sister from work and then weaving a LOTR crossover fic for a friend who needs some cheering, so I didn't allot myself research time for this.
Summary: Now, faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
Word Count: (I don't know; I don't do word counts, and I write it wordpad, which doesn't have the option.)

Of the Light

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The Token by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: The Token
Theme: POV challenge--I chose Arwen. I have written her a time or two, but never from her own POV.
Elements: red, circle, nine
Author's Notes: The third section of this story takes place immediately following my drabble “Heart’s Desire”:
at Stories of Arda--
at The Last Ship--
in which Arwen has her first conversation with Frodo after the wedding.
Summary: Arwen deals with losses.
Word Count: 1,465

The Token
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