October 28th, 2008

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The November Challenge

Finally: here's the announcement for the November Challenge: The theme for November will be Songs and Poetry! Now, don't panic! We are not asking you to write original songs or poems (unless you *want* to and your muse is so inclined) and we are not asking you to write what is commonly called "songfic" in which the story's "inspired" by a modern song.

No, we are asking you to follow in the footsteps of the good Professor, and to write a story in which one or more characters sing or recite poetry--as they did in his books.

You are free to use his own songs or poems, or you may adapt another song or poem to fit in with Middle-earth. Perhaps it will be a walking-song, or singing or telling poems around the campfire, or minstrels performing in the Hall of Fire or in the Court of a King, or perhaps a song honoring the occasion is sung at a wedding or a funeral. Maybe it's simply an evening out at the local inn. That's up to you.

The element will be your title. And while the titles we are using--in keeping with the theme--are lines from songs or poems, you are not obliged to actually use *those* songs or poems in your story, unless you want to.

Cathleen will be distributing the elements (titles) this time around. To ask for your element, either respond to this post, or email Cathleen at virginia_lee_redcat@yahoo.com. Remember if you have not participated in the challenge before, to give an email address so that she can send you your element.

Stories are due the weekend of November 14, and will be revealed on Monday November 17.

We hope you'll join us this time around!