November 16th, 2008


"All Woods there Be Must End at Last" by Larner

Author: Larner
Title: "All Woods there Be Must End at Last"
Theme: Songs and poetry
Elements: "All woods there be must end at last" sung in the Old Forest, to the disapproval of the trees!
Summary: Following the tenth-year anniversary of the destruction of the Ring, Merry, Pippin, and their families visit with Faramir at his new home. When seeking to avoid having to accompany their wives on a trip to the market at Emyn Arnen Merry and Pippin slip away and find themselves lost in Ithilien.
Word Count:1556
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ian holm

His Wealth Shall Flow in Fountains by Celeritas

Author: Celeritas
Title: His Wealth Shall Flow in Fountains
Theme: Songs and Poetry
Elements: Title: “His Wealth Shall Flow in Fountains”

Rating: PG for consumption of adult beverages
Author's Notes: The adult beverage herein described would be best described in our modern age as “scrumpy,” a malt beverage that despite experiencing no distillation still has about twice the alcoholic content as a strong beer—thanks to my inimitable beta nyarendil  for advice and information regarding this matter.  Despite Bilbo’s thoughts on the matter, it would only be used for special occasions.  The poem is a creation of my own fevered mind, composed to scan properly with the Lincolnshire folk song recorded (and arranged for wind band) by Percy Aldridge Grainger as “Lisbon.”

Summary: Bilbo Baggins on his second visit to the Lonely Mountain finds a chance comment about the Dwarves’ ale landing him into the most peculiar of circumstances.

Word Count: 3,115

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