November 18th, 2008

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When There's Good Cheer Among the Guests

Title: When There's Good Cheer Among the Guests
Theme: songs/ poetry; November
Elements:"When There's Good Cheer Among the Guests" (Bilbo’s Song, Fellowship of the Ring, At the Sign of the Prancing Pony)
Author's Notes:( my credits to original work.) Frodo’s notations of work pending. #borrowed from Evendim/ Eambur/ Ivrinel, almost intact from The Wizard’s Apprentice.

Dedicated to Nargil, Elena Tiriel, and Dwimordene from Henneth Annun, for unbelievable help in chasing the Evendim quote from just the first line; they took me an a tour of several wonderful Rohirric writers; and just kept digging with me

Summary:Rough copy of chapter found in notes for Red Book, a chapter not in The Red Book.
Word Count:1852


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Supper's Over, Breakfast's Cooking by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: Supper’s Over, Breakfast’s Cooking
Theme: Song/Poetry
Elements: The title, Supper’s Over, Breakfast’s Cooking , which is a line from the folksong, Old Dan Tucker
Rating: G
Author's Notes: The song “Nob O’ the Lea” was written for Marigold’s Challenge, and was featured in my story “Life of a Bard”.
Summary: A discussion about the importance of mealtimes among the Fellowship…
Word Count: 1,530

Supper’s Over, Breakfast’s Cooking

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