December 31st, 2008

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"A Simple Task Gone Awry" written for mattygrl

Title: A Simple Task Gone Awry
Author: Pearl Took
Written for: Matty
Requested: I would like a story that involves Frodo angst, during the quest. Basically, I just want Frodo to be hurt or sick and Aragorn and the others (but especially Aragorn) to get him better again. It can be as long and draw out as the writer likes.
Rating: G
Setting: Minas Tirith
Characters: The Fellowship
Summary: Frodo is wanting to do for himself instead of being the pampered Ringbearer, but when his efforts go awry, the rest of the Company of the Ring jump to conclusions.

A Simple Task Gone Awry

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"Adar Rhîw" written for Larner

Title:Adar Rhîw
Author: Rhyselle
Written for: Larner
Requested:I would like a story in which a misunderstanding is resolved, but preferably not involving Elves from Mirkwood, unless it is a misunderstanding between Legolas and Gimli or another Fellowship character.
Rating: G
Setting: Third Age, the Yule immediately after Bilbo's birthday party, set in the town of Dale
Characters: Bilbo Baggins, Dwalin and King Bain of Dale
Summary: The Tale of Years states that Bilbo visited Dale and the Lonely Mountain before returning to Imladris to settle there permanently. This is what happened to him during that visit, which I am postulating took place at Yule TA 3001.

Adar Rhîw

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"Will the Light Return?" written for Levade

Title: Will the Light Return?
Author: Anonymous
Written for: Levade
Requested: I'd love to see a story about the Rangers, maybe the Yule just before the Ring War, and see how they celebrate -- maybe how they feel about watching over the Shire as they celebrate (I don't know if Hobbits celebrate Yule at the same time as Men?) and a scene from Rivendell or just in their own homes. Seems to me they would have had a bit of foreboding about what was to come with all the trouble they were seeing and that always makes you appreciate what you have all that much more. Would love to see Halbarad and Aragorn but OCs are certainly fine too.
Rating: G
Setting: The fortress of Fornost during its reconstruction
Characters: Halbarad, Dúnedain of Eriador
Summary: Those of the Northern Dúnedain contemplate what the new year shall bring as they prepare for the final Metarrë of the world as they now know it.

Will the Light Return?

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"Hero or No Hero" written for Nancylea

Title: Hero or No Hero
Author: Golden
Written for: Nancylea
Requested: my list is short, [if they do hobbits even shorter] young hero, the younger the better but i would like him old enough to particapate in the story.
Rating: G
Setting: The Shire
Characters: Pippin, Merry, Frodo and various Tooks, Brandybucks and Bagginses
Summary: Pippin has good intentions.

Hero or No Hero

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"The Tinker's Tale" written for Celeritas

Title: The Tinker's Tale
Author: Levade
Written for: Celeritas
What I would like to see for my exchange is a story that challenges the reader's expectations. If it can deal with history and its transmission/preservation, the relationship between the past and the present in a person's life, so much the better! Any race, any setting is okay; please no slash or anti-canonical pairings
Rating: PG for recollections of battle
Setting: 2nd Age, Lindon
Characters: That would spoil it. I won't call it AU because it really could have happened this way but if you wish to say it is, then peace.
Summary: A tinker brings an ancient flute to an elf of Lindon and a tale unfolds.

The Tinker's Tale

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"Failure of Duty" written for Golden

Title: Failure of Duty
Author: Larner
Written for: Golden
Requested: Pippin becomes drunk before having to be on duty with the King who will be in an important meeting with ( at least) Gandalf, Faramir, Imrahil and some guests. He is too drunk to hide it, so his king and everyone else quickly become aware of his condition. The story should include how he became drunk. What happens at the meeting. A serious privat talk between Aragorn and Pippin. How the other Hobbits react. What possible punishment he faces and how it all gets worked out in the end.
However Pippin is not to be tricked into drinking too much, maybe he judged his own capability to hold gondorian spirit wrong, but it was his decision, not someone elses fault. Also his cousins should not be involved into his getting drunk.
Please include insight into what Pippin and Aragorn are feeling ( anger, embaressement, subdued, ashamed.......please serious story, no silly story) and what they are thinking, as well as also for the other main characters, especially also Pips cousins.

Rating: PG
Setting: Minas Tirith
Characters: the Fellowship, various Gondorians
Summary: Pippin celebrates at an inopportune time.

Failure of Duty

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"Yule-Tide in Beorn’s Hall" written for Dreamflower

Title: Yule-Tide in Beorn’s Hall
Author: Pearl Took
Written for: Dreamflower
Requested:Dreamflower’s request was: I would like to see Bilbo’s Yule at Beorn’s house. (I’ve done one myself but I’d love to see another!)
Rating: G
Setting: Beorn's Hall in the Wild
Characters: Bilbo, etc.
Summary: On the way home from his adventure, Bilbo, with his friends Gandalf and Beorn, arrive at Beorn’s home in mid-winter. They will be there for Yule and into the spring and Bilbo has some questions about what the holiday and the rest of their stay might be like. He gets some pleasant answers and supplies some good will of his own.

Yule-Tide in Beorn’s Hall

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"The Snowmen of Icebay of Forochel and Their Little Elves" written for Peregrin Ionad

Title: The Snowmen of Icebay of Forochel and Their Little Elves
Author: Nancylea
Written for: Peregrin Ionad
Requested: I'd like something either 2nd/3rd age involving the kings of Gondor - but feel free to work in a hobbit or elf. And some kind of Christmas symbol (it is a Christmas exchange after all)
Rating: suitable for all ages
Setting: 1598 TA to sometime around 1825 TA
Characters: Tarondor, Argeleb, misc. Arthedains, and “Little Elves”
Summary: Telumehtar Tells His Great-niece Lily (and the rest of her class) a Tale of the North
Authors Note: While polishing this, there was a story posted that may add depth to the legends of Forochel Bay; with deep respect I refer you to Aliensouldream’s “The Winter Guest”:

The Snowmen of Icebay of Forochel and Their Little Elves

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"The First Time" written for The_arc5

Title: The First Time
Author: Anonymous
Written for: Celeritas
I would like to see Pippin's first meeting with Sam. I'm open to any scenario or plot, but bonus points if Sam has to get Pippin out of some sort of mischief along the way.

Rating: G
Setting: Bag End, pre-Quest
Characters: Sam, Pippin, Frodo, Merry
Summary: Sam finds an intruder in Bag End's garden.

The First Time

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"Wreathed in Smiles" written for Rhyselle

Title: Wreathed in Smiles
Author: Peregrin Ionad
Written for: Rhyselle
Requested: I would like a tale about someone discovering a Yuletide tradition they'd never encountered before, set preferably in the Silmarillion, but if that's a problem, LOTR (3rd or 4th Age) or the Hobbit era will be fine. If possible, have a mention of ginger biscuits in there too, please.
Setting: Minas Tirith – Yule 3019
Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Elladan, and Elrohir
Summary: its the1st Yule of Aragorn’s reign and the city is in the midst of celebrations – with traditions the new queen hasn’t encountered before, but that doesn’t stop her getting into the yuletide spirit.
A/n: I’m taking Yule and Midwinter to have slightly different traditions. Sorry it’s not that long, but I’ve been having major computer trauma! – got the ginger biscuits in though!
And no....I don’t own ‘Deck the Halls’....

Wreathed in Smiles

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"Goldilocks and the Three Kisses" written for Dana

(Dana did not sign up for the exchange this year; however, she never received her story from last year. This was written to make up for that.)

Title: Goldilocks and the Three Kisses
Author: The_Arc5
Written for: Dana
Requested: The story of Goldilocks and Faramir, with a Yule setting at Brandy Hall or the Great Smials.
Rating: A mild PG
Setting: Brandy Hall, post-Quest
Characters: The Gamgees, Tooks, and Brandybucks, with various Ocs.
Summary: Mistletoe makes Yuletide merry, whether Goldilocks likes it or not.

Goldilocks and the Three Kisses
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"To Wait for Sun’s Returning" written for Cathleen

Title: To Wait for Sun’s Returning
Author: Dreamflower
Written for: Cathleen
Requested: A story taking place on the Quest. Boromir has to still be alive. Pippin and those 'other hobbits' think about their different impressions of Boromir and vice versa as they all get to know one another. Should be a little humorous, a little introspective, include a few surprises. Don't go too awfully heavy on the Sam parts. Oh yeah, and throw in some holly! It *is* Yuletime after all.
Rating: G
Setting: Somewhere between Rivendell and Hollin, on the Quest
Characters: the Fellowship
Summary: Gandalf observes the interactions between the hobbits and Boromir

To Wait for Sun's Returning

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"The Gift of Love: Chapter One" written for Pearl Took

Title: The Gift of Love: Chapter One
Author: Cathleen
Written for: Pearl Took
Requested: "I'd like a story where Pippin is, in some way, the present. He should be between 8 and 12 years old and an active participant in the story."
Rating: G
Setting: The Shire, Bag End
Characters: Frodo, Merry, Pippin and various other family members
Summary: It is the first Yule since Bilbo left the Shire. Merry cannot bear to see Frodo so glum and refusing to come celebrate Yule at Brandy Hall, so he comes up with a plan that holds a few surprises for him as well as everyone else.

The Gift of Love: Chapter One

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