January 1st, 2009

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2008 Yule Fic Exchange!

Well, the Second Annual GFIC Yule Fic Exchange is now posted! We had twelve participants and fourteen stories!

2008 GFIC Yule Fic Exchange

"To Wait for Sun’s Returning" written for Cathleen Gandalf observes the interactions between the hobbits and Boromir

"The Gift of Love: Chapter One" written for Pearl Took It is the first Yule since Bilbo left the Shire. Merry cannot bear to see Frodo so glum and refusing to come celebrate Yule at Brandy Hall, so he comes up with a plan that holds a few surprises for him as well as everyone else.

"Goldilocks and the Three Kisses" written for Dana Mistletoe makes Yuletide merry, whether Goldilocks likes it or not.

"Wreathed in Smiles" written for Rhyselle its the1st Yule of Aragorn’s reign and the city is in the midst of celebrations – with traditions the new queen hasn’t encountered before, but that doesn’t stop her getting into the yuletide spirit.

"The First Time" written for The_arc5 Sam finds an intruder in Bag End's garden.

"The Snowmen of Icebay of Forochel and Their Little Elves" written for Lily Hawker Yates Telumehtar Tells His Great-niece Lily (and the rest of her class) a Tale of the North

"Yule-Tide in Beorn’s Hall" written for Dreamflower On the way home from his adventure, Bilbo, with his friends Gandalf and Beorn, arrive at Beorn’s home in mid-winter. They will be there for Yule and into the spring and Bilbo has some questions about what the holiday and the rest of their stay might be like. He gets some pleasant answers and supplies some good will of his own.

"Failure of Duty" written for Golden Pippin celebrates at an inopportune time.

"The Tinker's Tale" written for Celeritas A tinker brings an ancient flute to an elf of Lindon and a tale unfolds.

"Hero or No Hero" written for Nancylea Pippin has good intentions.

"Will the Light Return?" written for Levade Those of the Northern Dúnedain contemplate what the new year shall bring as they prepare for the final Metarrë of the world as they now know it.

"Adar Rhîw" written for Larner The Tale of Years states that Bilbo visited Dale and the Lonely Mountain before returning to Imladris to settle there permanently. This is what happened to him during that visit, which I am postulating took place at Yule TA 3001.

"A Simple Task Gone Awry" written for mattygrl Frodo is wanting to do for himself instead of being the pampered Ringbearer, but when his efforts go awry, the rest of the Company of the Ring jump to conclusions.

"Rallying Before the Darkness" written for Levade

Story Authors will remain anonymous until January 6, when they will be revealed. I hope that you will come over and read the stories, and join the fun of trying to guess the authors!

The mods would like to thank all of the Authors who took part! You did a great job!

Happy New Year!