January 2nd, 2009

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"Rallying Before the Darkness" written for Levade

[From the mods: Here's a late story for everyone to enjoy! There were some extenuating circumstances: Mattygrl was hospitalized, and so was late in getting the story to us. We are so glad she is feeling better!! ]

Title: Rallying Before the Darkness
Author: Mattygrl
Written for: Levade
Request: I'd love to see a story about the Rangers, maybe the Yule just before the Ring War, and see how they celebrate – maybe how they feel about watching over the Shire as they celebrate (I don't know if Hobbits celebrate Yule at the same time as Men?) and a scene from Rivendell or just in their own homes. Seems to me they would have had a bit of foreboding about what was to come with all the trouble they were seeing and that makes you appreciate what you have all that much more. Would love to see Halbarad and Aragorn, but OCs are certainly fine too.
Rating: G
Setting: Outskirts of the Shire/Rivendell
Characters: Strider, Halbarad, Arwen, and Elrond
Summary: As Yule approaches, Aragorn's fate and the fates of those he guards begin to become clearer.

Rallying Before the Darkness

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