January 3rd, 2009

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2009 Challenges

First of all, we would like once more to remind everyone of the "Potluck Challenge". If you have not already done so, go to this post, the January Challenge announcement, to see the list of elements, and to claim your prompt, just comment below the post.

Second, your mods have been hard at work planning the 2009 Challenges, and we'd like to announce that we have the challenges set for the first six months:

January: the theme will be "Potluck" and you will choose your own elements. (This is the current challenge! If you haven't claimed your prompt yet, you need to do so!)
February: the theme will be "Light and Shadow" (in honor of Groundhog Day), and the element will be a gapfiller.
March: the theme will be "The Ides of March" (all stories will be set on the 15th of March during the War of the Ring), and the element will be a starter sentence.
April: the theme will be "Renewal" (in honor of spring), and the element will be some kind of bird.
May: the theme will be "Fix the Movies" (your chance to add a scene or change one), and the element will be a flower.
June: the theme will be "Wedding of Your Nightmares" ( a twist on the June bride theme), and your element will be from a rhyme.

We hope that this preview will help whet your appetite, and get you thinking ahead. However, don't jump the gun and start asking for elements yet, aside from January. We will give out elements for each month after the previous month's stories are revealed.

I know we have several new members! We encourage you to take part in the Challenges!