January 6th, 2009

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Authors Revealed for the 2008 Exchange!

Today is January 6, the date set for the reveal of the authors; if you have been holding back comments until the authors are revealed, then you no longer need to do so.

Special thanks go to Larner and Pearl Took, who wrote two stories. Pearl wrote an extra story, as we had an uneven number of participants. (Dana did not take part this year, but we felt it was only fair for her to receive her unrequited story from last year.) And Larner pinch-hit at the last minute, because Levade’s author was in the hospital. Thankfully, Mattygrl was able to send us the story late upon her recovery, and so Levade got two stories! But we are very glad that Mattygrl is feeling better now!


"To Wait for Sun’s Returning" was written for Cathleen by Dreamflower

"The Gift of Love: Chapter One" written for Pearl Took by Cathleen .

"Goldilocks and the Three Kisses" written for Dana by The_arc5

"Wreathed in Smiles" written for Rhyselle by Lily Hawker Yates

"The First Time" written for The_arc5 by Celeritas

"The Snowmen of Icebay of Forochel and Their Little Elves" written for Lily Hawker Yates by Nancylea

"Yule-Tide in Beorn’s Hall" written for Dreamflower by Pearl Took

"Failure of Duty" written for Golden by Larner

"The Tinker's Tale" written for Celeritas by Levade

"Hero or No Hero" written for Nancylea by Golden

"Will the Light Return?" written for Levade by Larner

"Adar Rhîw" written for Larner by Rhyselle .

"A Simple Task Gone Awry" written for Mattygrl by Pearl Took

"Rallying Before the Darkness" written for Levade by Mattygrl

The mods would like to thank all of the Authors who took part! You did a great job! Authors, you may now respond to any comments you have received. Do not forget to check your story at our LiveJournal Community, and to respond to comments you received there as well. And feel free now to acknowledge your betas and to post your story at other archives if you so choose!