March 16th, 2009


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Author: Celeritas
Title: One Breath of Air
Rating: G
Theme: Ides of March
Elements: Starter sentence (turned into a finisher): "The sun broke through the darkness, sweeping the gloom away, if only for an instant."
Author's Notes: For most of March 15 (at least on the Pelennor) the sun is shining. But people often think that to deities, days are mere seconds. So a second's interference can have much more lasting an effect than one would think...
Summary: A conversation on Taniquetil c. March 14, T.A. 3019
Word Count: 264

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LOTR Challenges 5 by judy

March 15, 3019 T.A. in the Houses of Healing by Rhyselle

Author: Rhyselle
Title: March 15, 3019 T.A. in the Houses of Healing
Rating: PG (for mention of the aftermath of war)
Theme: the Ides of March
Elements: _________ looked out, and caught (his/her) breath in stunned amazement.
Author's Notes:
Summary: For a healer the aftermath of war can be difficult.
Word Count: 1,051

March 15, 3019 T.A. in the Houses of Healing
By Rhyselle

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LOTR Fandom

Through Shadow, By Cathleen

Author: Cathleen
Title: Through Shadow
Rating: PG
Theme: The Ides of March
Elements: Starter Sentence
_____had thought (he/she) would never see____again, yet here (he, she, it) was.

Author's Notes: Hithfaer means “Mist- Spirit”. The soothsaying cat of Gondorian legend first appeared in my story “A Cat of a Different Colour” and then in “Perchance to Dream”. Beta by Dreamflower. Dizzy is a character created by Shireling, and she has graciously allowed me to include him in my stories.
Summary: With Merry safe in the Houses of Healing, Pippin takes some rest at last, and receives a visit from a mysterious cat
Word Count: 2,575

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