April 20th, 2009


Home Thoughts, from Abroad by Celeritas

Author:  Celeritas
Title:  Home Thoughts, from Abroad
Rating:  G
Theme:  Birds
Elements:  The Chaffinch
Author's Notes:  This tale is based on imagery in Robert Browning's poem of the same name.  Since it was through this poem that I first even heard of the chaffinch, it immediately came to mind when I received my element.  The suitability of the poem is almost uncanny: it's set in April, looking forward to May, and it was written while Browning was living in Italy on account of the delicate health of his wife.  If the Shire is around the latitude of England, then Gondor is around the latitude of Italy.  The reader is highly encouraged to read the poem in order to trace the imagery as it appears in the fic.
Summary:  Springtime in Gondor makes Pippin--and Sam--realize what they miss most.
Word Count:  925

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