April 21st, 2009

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Hark, How Blithe the Throstle Sings by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: “Hark, How Blithe the Throstle Sings”
Theme: Renewal
Elements: Bird: a song thrush also known as a throstle
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Quite some time ago, lindahoyland requested a time-stamp story from me to take place a few weeks or months after my story "Good King Elessar", before the King returns to Gondor. I made a start on it, but ran out of steam, and had to put it aside to wait for further inspiration. And then it seemed to me to fit perfectly with this month’s theme of renewal, so I decided to finish it for this challenge. The title is taken from a poem by William Wordsworth.
Summary: Young Frodo Gamgee, serving the King for a year in Annúminas is a bit homesick, but a visit from his father cheers him up.
Word Count: 5,074

Hark, How Blithe the Throstle Sings

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