May 17th, 2009

Small Heroes, Mighty Deeds by PipMer

Author: PipMer
Title: Small Heroes, Mighty Deeds
Rating: G
Theme: Fix the Movies
Elements: field pennycress
Author's Notes: I adopted one of Shirebound's Shirebunnies in order to write this for the theme "Fix the Movies". This is the bunny I chose:

M1 What happened after Pippin risked his life to light the beacons? Did he feel any physical or emotional shock once he had succeeded and made it back down to the ground? Was the climb down as harrowing as the climb up? Did he feel proud? Frightened? Did Gandalf acknowledge the deed in any way? What was Aragorn's reaction when he learned that the beacon he saw at Edoras had been initiated by... Pippin?

Beta: Many thanks go out to Elanor, whose comments and suggestions made my story so much better than it would be. Thank you, Elanor! Credit must be given to her for the idea of Gandalf sitting and drinking tea while thinking fondly of the sleeping Pippin.

Summary: See A/N's
Word Count: 1999

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