May 21st, 2009


MEFA Nominations Begin Tomorrow

MEFA 2009 - Nominations to Begin Soon!

Greetings from MEFA-land! As you may have heard, the Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards will shortly begin accepting nominations for the 2009 awards. Nominations will begin on May 22, and we would love to have you put forward your favorite drabbles, stories, poetry, essays, and any other variation of fanfic you have encountered.


Any member of the MEFAwards Yahoo group may nominate up to twenty pieces. (Self-nominations are allowed.) If you are not already a member, please go ahead and join there so we can get you set up with an account at our awards website. Once you join the Yahoo group and we make sure that you don't already have another account on our site, you will be sent a password to use at our website.

If you are already a member but have lost your password, please try to have the site send it to you automatically, using the "Forgotten password?" link on our homepage. You can also email for assistance. Please do not try to create a second account.


We accept pretty much every variety of fanfic you can imagine. Our eligibility requirements are fairly straightforward:

1. The piece has to be fanfic. And it has to be based on Tolkien's world. (Or a crossover between Tolkien and some other universe.)

2. The piece has to be available at an eligible URL. This basically means you don't have to join a site to view the piece, and (if the piece is spread across more than one page) there's a way to get to the subsequent pages from a single URL.

3. This must be the first time the piece has been nominated. We do allow pieces that competed as WIPs to compete again when they're finished, but other than that - it's one bite at the apple for each story, each essay, each whatever. Check out our full list of pieces nominated in previous years:

4. The piece has to meet our rating requirements. (See When in doubt, we have a ratings panel that can evaluate an author's story and decide whether the story in question is ineligible on this count. Eligible stories must meet our ratings guidelines for General, Teen, or Mature.

There are of course special cases. If you are in doubt, email before nominating and I will tell you if the piece is eligible.


Nominations will run May 22 through the end of June. All MEFA days begin based on GMT, so nominations will begin at 12:01 AM GMT on May 22 and end at 11:59 PM GMT on June 30.

If your story is nominated, you will have until July 7 to completely finish up the nomination process. This involves emailing your liaison to say you want to compete; filling out a fairly detailed form on our website; and working with your liaison to resolve any problems caught by your liaison. If you do not finish this process by July 7, your

Please note - the nomination period is one week shorter this year than in previous years. So get those nominations in early.


Nominations are submitted via our website, . When you log in you will see links to nominate a story by someone other than yourself or to self-nominate your own story. (If you don't see these links it means you aren't allowed to nominate, which usually means you're not a member of the MEFAwards group. If you think this is an error, please email me at

You can also browse other peoples' nominations by clicking the "Browse All Nominated Stories," and you may start reviewing them as soon as they are nominated. There's one piece of advice I hear over and over from veteran MEFA participants: it really is never too early to get started, and the less stressful MEFA voting will be. Both members of MEFAwards and non-members who have their stories nominated can vote.

A quick caveat - until May 22, our site will be in "testing" mode. If you log in before then, you will be able to nominate stories or enter reviews but they will be erased when the site goes "live" on May 22. You'll know we're accepting real nominations when the pink bar at the top of the page labelled "TEST" disappears.

Looking forward to everyone's nominations in a few days! I'm excited, and hope you are, to.

(MEFA Admin.)