May 28th, 2009


A Golden Flower by Celeritas

Author: Celeritas
Title: A Golden Flower
Rating: G
Theme: Fix the Movies
Elements: Celandine
Author's Notes: Movie!Frodo really gets run through the wringer. He's given the Quest before he has the emotional maturity to deal with it, every single evil being out there attacks him first (okay, so that's sort of bookverse, too, but at least book!Frodo didn't get flung hither and thither by the Watcher in the Water), he gets taken aside on unnecessary sideplots that involve him holding a sword to Sam's throat, he's carrying a Ring that's considerably more powerful and makes him do all sorts of stupid things, and to top it all off when he's gone through all of that they keep him in the Shire an extra four years without any sort of Evenstar gem because Aragorn shattered it in the Extended Edition. After all of that trauma he must have needed some kind of Elven therapy. This was my attempt to give it to him.
Summary: After Frodo receives a long-dreaded letter in the mail, he must come to a decision.
Word Count: 3,367

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