June 5th, 2009


Five Voices: Vignette 3, A voice of Wisdom

Author: Rhapsody
Title: Five Voices: Vignette 3, A voice of Wisdom
Theme: Young/Old Pairing
Elements: : plain, curious, shy, tall, sharp
Author's Notes: This is also a story I wanted to gift to Dreamflower, who made a personal request at my LJ last summer. Her personal request was: which Elves left with Sam? What did they think of him? Thank you Dreamflower, for being such a great friend over the many years we know each other.
Beta: Many thanks to Pandemoniom and Moreth at the Lizard Council for the meticulous nit picking! Special thank you for wenont who helped me with polishing and kept me company while I was editing.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Samwise Gamgee lived an unique life, meeting many people from different races and ages. But what did the elves who met this hobbit think of him?
Word Count:1827 words
Word Count so far:3557 words

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