July 21st, 2009

LOTR Challenges 3 by judy

The July Challenge Stories: Some Like It Hot Fixed-Length Ficlets

The July Challenge stories, with the theme of "some like it hot", has now been posted. The element for these stories was a word count. We’ve had twelve thirteen entries so far.

The Some Like It Hot Fixed-Length- Ficlet Challenge

Broken and Burnt by Lily Glorfindel's last moments as he falls with the Balrog (202 words)
Stone by Pearl Took Something had always been cold ends up eternally hot. (115 words)
Just Right by Dana It's hard recovering one's appetite after long deprivation. (234 words)
Heat Waves and Hobbit Wishes by Dreamflower Minas Tirith is really hot in the summer; Pippin has a plan (333 words)
Some Like It Hot – But Maybe Not Quite That Hot by Virtuella The first meeting between the King of Rohan and the Princess of Dol Amroth has a bit of a surprise in store. (222 words)
The Thoughts of the Servant of the Secret Flame - by Larner Gandalf's thoughts as he stares down the Witch-king of Angmar at the gates of Minas Tirith (313 words)
The Prince of Hearts by Rhapsody the Bard One day Elrond decides to acknowlegde a request which would change his life and that of others forever. (399 words)
Lebinnin Summer by Foxrafer Faramir's beloved memories of a long ago summer (220 words)
Sunbath by Celeritas There's a strange building in the Houses of Healing... (399 words)
Spice by Mysterious Jedi Pippin tries Haradren cuisine (144 words)

ETAPost Traumatic in Arnor by Nancylea An unspecific Gondorian is recuperating in Arnor after what must have been a rough mission in Harad. (206 words)
More Room for Adventure by Cathleen Another scene from the beginnings of my tale "Room for Adventure". Pippin investigates the Old Took's room again. (150 words)
Summer Memories by LindaHoyland In the midst of a heat wave, Aragorn remembers the past. (101 words)

I hope you will check out the stories, and let the authors know how you liked them!

And authors, remember that late entries are always welcome!