August 17th, 2009

Aragorn and Faramir

The Silver Tree

Author: Linda Hoyland
The Silver Tree:
Out on a Limb:
Elements: Nimloth
Author's Notes: This story can be seen as a sequel to my story “The White Tree” at

Verily this is a sapling of the line of Nimloth the fair; and that was a seedling of Galathilion, and that a fruit of Telperion of many names,

And Aragorn planted the new tree in the court by the fountain, and swiftly and gladly it began to grow; and when the month of June entered in it was laden with blossom. - Tolkien

Faramir and the new King take an unexpected walk:
Word Count:611

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Bregalad Keeps Watch Over Merry and Pippin by Dreamflower

Author: Dreamflower
Title: Bregalad Keeps Watch Over Merry and Pippin
Rating: G
Theme: "Out on a limb"
Elements: A type of tree: rowan
Author's Notes:
The information found here was invaluable to me in both inspiration and information. It's part of an online poetry anthology by The Wondering Minstrels. Several of JRRT's poems are to be found there.
Summary: During the Ent-moot, Bregalad (Quickbeam) watches over Merry and Pippin as they sleep...
Word Count: 300 ( a "tribble" or triple drabble )

O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië!
O rowan fair, upon your hair how white the blossom lay!
O rowan mine, I saw you shine upon a summer's day,
Your rind so bright, your leaves so light, your voice so cool and soft:
Upon your head how golden-red the crown you bore aloft!
O rowan dead, upon your head your hair is dry and grey;
Your crown is spilled, your voice is stilled for ever and a day.
O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië!

(LotR: The Two Towers, Book III, Chapter IV, "Treebeard")

Bregalad Keeps Watch Over Merry and Pippin

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