August 20th, 2009

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Like Father, Like Son by Cathleen

Author: Cathleen
Title: Like Father, Like Son
Rating: G
Theme: Out on a Limb
Elements: Oak Tree
Author's Notes: References made to my story “If You Could See What I Hear”
Summary: There’s nothing quite like being blessed with a child just like one’s self! Pippin gets a taste of his own medicine.
Word Count: 1,576

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Nothing Prouder or Happier by Peregrin Ionad (Lily)

Author: Peregrin Ionad (Lily)
Title: Nothing Prouder or Happier
Rating: G
Theme: "Out on a limb"
Elements: A type of tree: Mallorn
A/n: I broke my computer, rather spectacularly - I cried, I hit it, nothing worked... I opened it up and had a little fiddle - now I know nothing about computers and am rather lucky I didn't electrocute myself... but now it works! - only a mere 223 words - with Sam and Rosie, who I have suddenly developed a fondness for :D

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