November 5th, 2009

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Reminder: Yule Fic Exchange

Just a reminder about the Yule Fic Exchange. If you are planning to participate this year and have not sent in your request, NOW is the time to do so!

Please indicate what you are willing to write! For example, let us know if there are any characters/genres/rating/time period, etc that you don't want to write about. Likewise, indicate the same for things you are willing to write about.

Ex: "I am willing to write hobbits and men. I don't want to write elves." Or: "I know nothing about the First Age so please don't ask me to write anything in that time period."
However, remember that the more picky you are about what you're willing to write the harder it may be to match you to someone's request so try to keep as open a mind as possible! It also helps if you are not too precise (AKA, "laundry list") about what you want in your fic. Remember, we will be matching a wide variety of people and the more you require, the harder it may be to find the right person to write your story.

Please EMAIL your requests along with what you're willing to write about to either Dreamflower ( ) or Cathleen ( ) , but DO NOT post them on the group's list please!

Requests will be assigned the week of November 9 . If you have not already made your request, you need to do so by November 8. If you *have* already made one, you may wish to check and see if it has been received.

We've only had a few responses so far! Please consider taking part in this exchange-- it really is a lot of fun!