November 21st, 2009

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Believe It or Not by nautika

Author: nautika
Title: Believe it or Not
Rating: G
Theme: Dialogue
Elements: a cobbler, a staircase, a boot and the word ancient
Author's Notes: I know I am not Tolkien.
Summary: In Rivendell before the Quest, Pippin discovers a difference between Men and Hobbits.
Word Count: 225

“You’ll never believe it, Merry!”
“What now, Pip?”
“You know that fellow from Gondor?”
“You mean the Steward’s son? Boromir, Captain-General of all of Gondor? That fellow?”
“Yeah, that’s the one! I thought he looked like a fine warrior, and I wanted to make his acquaintance, so when I saw him coming down the staircase, I tried to talk with him.”
“You mean you talked at him and he couldn’t wait to get away.”
“Now that’s not fair, Merry. I remembered we were representing the Shire. Anyway, he looked like he could use some help. He was holding one boot in his hand, and looked a bit awkward, like he was trying to decide if he should take the other one off or leave it on. And they looked old enough that they might have been around when the Old Took was born!”
“Is that what I’m to find so hard to believe? That Boromir of Gondor’s boots are practically antique?”
“No, of course not. It’s just that when I was talking to him, I mean when Boromir and I were talking to each other, he said he was looking for a cobbler!”
“And what’s so strange about that? No one loves cobblers better than you do, Pip! Why shouldn’t men of Gondor like them, too?”
“Merry, he wasn’t talking about an apple cobbler, or a peach cobbler, or a blackberry cobbler! He was looking for someone to mend his boots!”
“See, I told you that you wouldn’t believe it!”
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