December 6th, 2009

LOTR Challenges 3 by judy

2010 Future Challenges

Your mods have been busy planning the challenges for the first six months of 2010!

January: January is our annual "Potluck" challenge, in which we use up themes and elements from the old year! The January challenge has already been announced, but there is still plenty of time to claim one or more of the prompts. Go to THE ORIGINAL POST and simply comment with which one you want!
February: The theme for February will be "Letters", and we'd like to see a story written in letter form, or a story containing a letter. The element will be a particlar type of letter! (For example: a business letter, a love letter, a letter of condolence, an invitation, etc...)
March: March's theme will be "Mad as a March Hare"-- write a story in which a character seems "mad" or is acting strangely or out-of-character-- for a reason! Your element will be a type of weather, which you will include in the story.
April: In a recent discussion, several members indicated they would welcome a non-fiction challenge. We will assign no theme or element-- write your essay or research or informative article on whatever topic you choose. We ask only that it be focused on Tolkien or his world, and not merely a rant of likes or dislikes.
May: The theme for May will be "Tying Up Loose Ends"; your element will be to fill a particular gap. (Participants may request their gap be set in their choice of the books.)
June: Since the Tale of Years said that Gandalf and Aragorn found the White Tree's sapling in June, that will be the theme this month-- but it doesn't have to be that White Tree-- it can be any of the White Trees in Arda's history. Your element will be a starter sentence.
July: will be a repeat of our very popular "Fixed-Length-Ficlet" challenge, in which you will choose a number and write a story of exactly that number of words!

We hope you will be excited by all of these future challenges and will enjoy taking part in them!