January 22nd, 2010


Night Songs

Author: Larner
Title: Night Songs
Rating: PG
Theme: Potluck - Renewal
Elements: a nightingale
Author's Notes: For Princess of Gondor for her birthday. Beta by RiverOtter.
Summary: Awakened by the song of a bird he'd never heard within the White City, Faramir realizes he is not the only one wakeful and walking in the private gardens of the Citadel under the stars of Midsummer....
Word Count: 548

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And the Stars Dimmed by Anguirel

Author: 2milkteas aka Anguirel
Title: And the Stars Dimmed
Rating: G
Theme: January Potluck
Elements: 16.It is said of the earliest of Men: "Yet it is told that ere long they met Dark Elves in many places, and were befriended by them and Men became the companions and disciples in their childhood of these ancient folk, wanderers of the Elven-race who never set out upon the paths to Valinor..." Tell of such a meeting or such a relationship.
Beta: phantasmagoryx
Author's Notes: The Avari are cool.
Summary: An Avari makes himself known to one of the Second Born
Word Count: 100

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