March 23rd, 2010


Star-touched by Celeritas

Author: Celeritas
Title: Star-touched
Rating: G
Theme: Mad as a March Hare
Elements: warm and sunny
Author's Notes: Written for both B2MEM 2010 and this challenge; in my rush to get it done I clean forgot that I had plotted it to fit with both challenges. As such, the weather is not explicit--but it's still there. This fic borrows, with permission, Dreamflower's Eucatastrophe universe, in which after the destruction of the One Ring, the Straight Road is opened up both ways so that elves and others (Frodo, for instance) may travel to Middle-earth from Elvenhome. A brighter AU of my Kira fics.
Summary: Kira meets a very important elf.
Word Count: 1,230

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